supplements End body sweat with Grooming Lounge's Super Powder

Avoid Awkward Body Sweat with Super Powder

I’ve been searching for years for the perfect mix of antiperspirant and deodorant and today I can proudly say I’ve found it in Super Powder. The subtle scented talcum powder from Grooming Lounge is a perfect mix that goes on lightly and works unlike a lot of products on the market. I was skeptical of a product with the name Super Powder, but it works just as advertised.

Before even testing it out at the gym and other high sweat inducing areas, I thought why not try it out at my computer? My hands are always getting my mouse and keyboard all gross, so I gave it a shot. Much to my surprise, no sweat. After about thirty minutes, still no sweat. Even as I type this now post-workout there isn’t any sweat. Keep in mind my hands were rubbing against bars and machines and the powder still stayed effective!

What really attracted me to this powder was the smell. Most talcum powders have that weird baby powder smell that ends up meshing with your stink, making for a deadly combination. Super Powder has a subtle, manly smell that doesn’t clash with cologne or other deodorants keeping a clean smell for hours. Use this on date nights to keep you fresh for your significant other.

There is only one size you can purchase at $16, and based on my heavy usage for a few days it will last for a couple months. I plan on swapping this for my antiperspirant because unlike most of the antiperspirants I’ve tried, Super Powder is effective at blocking sweat for more than 6 hours. I would much rather pay a little extra for a product that works than a half-hearted antiperspirant.

I can honestly say that Grooming Lounge has a customer for life. Even after a few days of use, my body is comfortable with the reduced sweat. They promote no foul balls and there aren’t any on this guy. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself here.