Standard Shirt

This is Your New Standard Shirt

The white dress shirt. You can literally never have enough in your closet. No hyperbole. They go with everything, and match every occasion. Yet they attract stains like Amanda Bynes and most off-the-rack examples are cut like moving boxes. What every mans needs is a made to order white shirt that is only a click away. That would truly be the standard by which all other dress shirts could be judged by. Indeed, the solution to this little sartorial dilemma can be found in Standard Shirt – a new company that has set it’s sites squarely on this niche.

By concentrating with maniacal zeal on this mainstay of men’s clothing, Standard Shirt has honed and perfected their craft to offer an above average shirt at a below average price. With a modern cut, quality Xinjiang cotton, and reinforced collars, the Standard Shirt is clearly a cut above. Why pay the same for a mass-market box shirt when you can custom make your own for $59? You wouldn’t. And if you do, I don’t want to ever meet you.

The ordering process is dead simple – just pick your collar style, then your neck size, and choices for typical sleeve lengths for your neck size are automatically populated. And with that, you’ve got a plush white shirt on it’s way to your closet and then everywhere from weddings to boardrooms. Plenty of men’s clothiers, even custom manufacturers have popped up in the last few years. But none of them have the concentration of Standard Shirt, and as such their quality and ordering experience are all over the place. We’ve tested Standard’s predicted measurements, and their shirt out on the town, and are very pleased with both. It appears the crises of not having a viable white shirt for the evening is a thing of the past…