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Heading North up the Pacific coast we stopped by a national park that included forest walks and several beaches.

Top Places to Visit on the Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is big and what’s more, there are so many amazingly beautiful and entertaining stops all along the way. From border to border, the Pacific Coast is over 1000 kilometers long

This stretch of land is one of the most famous and most beautiful areas in America. As you can imagine, there are countless opportunities for tourist attractions and scenic views. 

Regardless of what you’re looking to do this vacation, there will be something for everyone along the Pacific Coast.

Immaculate Wilderness Meets Ocean

The Pacific Coastline travels vertically North to South and vice versa. That means that the climate and biomes that accompany the coastline vary greatly. No matter what climate you like, you’re bound to experience it along this iconic route

California, Oregon, and Washington are the states that sit on the western coastline of America. In the far south of California, the climate is decidedly subtropical. That means that the landscape is dotted with a blend of scrubland and sub-tropical vegetation. Depending on where you are, the biome presents either ferns and palms or scrubby vegetation.

Southern California is famous for its climate. So if it’s outdoor experiences you’re after, there are some amazing national parks near San Diego to visit while you’re there. These parks include some of the most famous national parks in America. The Mojave National Reserve and Joshua Tree National Park are two of the many national parks located in this region of the coast. 

Southern California also has world-renowned beaches and they are a pleasure to visit for most of the year due to the subtropical environment and warm coastal breezes. So definitely pack a swimsuit for while you’re there.

As you move up the coastline, it becomes increasingly temperate. While traveling along the California coast, it gets greener and greener. The scrubby desert yields to green fields. The landscape turns to rocky beaches and the ocean gives way to countless ocean bluffs that make for amazing photo ops. 

By the time you reach Oregon and Washington, the climate will have cooled considerably. Even more remarkable is the Pacific Coast landscape. It is now covered in beautiful green forests. Washington is renowned for its forest-covered bluffs that meet and even penetrate into the sea. If it’s a rainy and temperate forest climate you’re after, there’s no more beautiful place for you than the Washington coastline.

There are lots of national parks to visit in this region as well. Including the famed Big Basin State Park in California which hosts some of the largest redwood trees on the planet.  

Don’t Miss Out On These Famous Attractions

There are so many things to do along the extensive coastline that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Whatever you choose to do, don’t miss out on some of these major attractions.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous icons in along the Pacific Coast. It’s also one of the most famous bridges in the world. While no longer the longest and tallest bridge in the world, it is still the most photographed bridge ever and is a sight to behold. Its design and color have guaranteed its spot at the top of the world’s most famous bridges. So it’s definitely worth a detour at least so that you can check it off your list. 

On your way up from San Diego, you could always stop off at the Hearst Castle. This architectural wonder is home to several fantastic works of art and its sprawling area is covered in gardens, ponds, and fountains.

If you like wine, Santa Barbara is known internationally for its amazing wineries. So make sure you stop off there for a few days for the best wine tours available in America.

Cape Disappointment is a famous Washington location known for its picturesque landscape and weather. With massive waves crashing into the cliffs and a lighthouse on a stormy cliff, this scenic area offers an authentic Pacific Northwest vibe that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Start Marking The Map

All of the attractions featured here are on or close to the Pacific Coast. The Pacific Coastal Highway is a marvelous road that seamlessly takes you from one border to the other. All along its 1050 mile stretch are endless opportunities for fun and excitement.

So open up your map app and get started. Mark all the places you’d like to go and get an idea of where you need to spend most of your time. And so you don’t need to backtrack later on to make it to one of your most desired stops. 

Whether it’s natural or historical experiences you’re looking for, the west coast has countless attractions to make your vacation an unforgettable journey.