Club W Wine Cooler

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Wine Cooler

It’s one thing to buy a quality wine, but another to keep it at its best in a quality wine cooler until it is consumed. If a bottle is exposed to such things as light and heat, it will begin to age prematurely. This will affect both its aroma and its taste. Once the bottle is opened, the oxygen will get in and begin the process of oxidation. This will cause the wine to degrade even further. 

Many people like to collect and store their wines. They may have been purchased during a recent visit to a vineyard or winery, or be bought for an upcoming party. It is for these reasons and others that many people buy wine coolers. It may be that you are about to purchase one, but are confused by the many options available. This article has been written to help you make the best choice.

Consult The Internet

Fortunately, there are many helpful websites that people can access. According to the wine preservation specialists at, many people are seeking both product information and customer reviews online They also want free blogs on subjects like installing and positioning new wine coolers, and to learn the purpose of wine credenzas. 

Identify Your Requirements

A couple living at home may require something smaller than a banquet host. Some people will want a built-in cooler whilst others will need something free-standing. It’s also important to consider whether you will need quick access to the cooler, or whether it could be stored elsewhere in a spare room.

If a person is uncertain as to what size cooler they need, they could do worse than buying one designed to hold 40 bottles. This should be more than adequate for most entertainment purposes.  

Think About Budget

Someone with modest needs and a minimal budget may go for something that costs around $100. This may buy a countertop cooler that will hold six bottles. 

At the other end of the spectrum, people can pay thousands of dollars for units that hold 150 bottles or more. For this option, it’s really important to include shipping costs in the equation – they could amount to several hundred dollars. 

Consider Additional Features

If someone can afford it, they may want LED lighting to put their drinks on display. Alternatively, they may desire a digital temperature display or a child lock. Rack materials such as finished wood are also something to think about. 

None of these things are classed as essentials, however. There are still options for people with a lower budget. 

Decide On The Location

These days people can choose anything from pullout shelving to under-cabinet models. Freestanding coolers can be kept in the corner of a room or by a wall.

It may be that someone is renovating their kitchen and can therefore build the room around the cooler. This will help it look like a fitted unit rather than an add-on. 

Understand Temperatures

Normal household fridges are usually maintained at around 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius), which is too cold for storing wine. If it is stored there, the cork will shrink and the seal could be broken. As mentioned previously, the air would then enter the bottle and adversely affect the wine.

It’s true that red wine needs time to breathe before it is served, but that white wine should be served chilled. When it comes to storage, however, they both need the same temperature. A wine cooler will help maintain this without sudden spikes occurring, alongside preserving the correct level of humidity. Your wine will need to be stored at temperatures of between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit (7 – 12 degrees Celsius). 

Small And Dual Temperature Coolers

Small wine coolers may be the most practical choice for some people. Having said that, it’s important to know that the cooling systems do create more vibrations than most larger models. This could result in the sediment being disturbed within the bottles. This could generate a chemical reaction that would impair its flavor. 

Dual temperature wine coolers are perfect for storing and tempering wine. They consist of two different sections: one to store and the other to serve. 

At the end of the day, people need to choose the best wine cooler for their needs and budget. This could be a worktop version or one that is installed in a basement. The unit will give its owner the satisfaction of knowing that the drink will be faithfully sustained at its optimum quality until it is consumed.