Club W Wine Cooler

Club W: A New Alternative To Buying Wine

I don’t buy a lot of wine for two main reasons: when I open a bottle I drink the whole bottle and shopping for wine is a chore. Do you like sweet? Sure, I enjoy a cupcake from time to time. What about melons? Water and cantaloupe, yes. Honeydew, no. How ‘bout oak? I don’t know. I’ve never eaten oak. I like what I like, but unfortunately there is no easy way for me to convey what it is I like. That is until I discovered Club W.

Club W begins with six questions, but, relax, they’re not the dreaded type like above. Imagine questions a terrible speed dater would ask and you’ll get the types Club W uses to create your flavor palate: “How do you like your coffee?” “How do you feel about salt?” “Do you like citrus?” And each question has five equally straightforward answers to choose from. With your tastes now established Club W presents you with a variety of whites and reds to pick from.

The monthly experience (which I chose to do) starts at $13 a bottle plus $6 shipping. It starts at $13 because some bottles suggested for you maybe more, but I stuck with the $13 because I’m cheap. I decided on two whites and one red just because I like white wine more. The usefulness of Club W helping you decide on a wine doesn’t stop at the quiz. Each wine has a full description, suggested setting for consumption and even a suggested recipe to accompany the bottle. After taking it all in I chose a Rap Cabernet Sauvignon, Geronimo Chardonnay and Guillemarine Picpoul de Pinet. And after drinking them all they’re without a doubt some of my favorite wines I’ve had, definitely worthy of buying again.

For under $50 I had three excellent bottles of wine tailored to my tastes and delivered to my door in about five days and the best thing about it is that you then rate those bottles so that every month your bottle selection becomes more and more tailored to your tastes. Of course, it’s also pretty great you don’t have to deal with wine store snobs or carrying multiple bottles home.