tomahawk brown firewood on brown wooden log

All You Need to Know About Modern Tomahawk

Tomahawks are a type of ax native to the Algonquian Native American tribe. They were considered general-purpose tools used to perform a variety of daily tasks. They were even used as weapons in hand-to-hand combat. To this day, tomahawks are used for cutting, chopping, prying, digging, and splitting different materials. They can also be used for hunting or as weapons against potential predators. A tomahawk can basically replace any edged weapon. As technology and humanity evolved, tomahawks evolved as well. However, their various uses and undeniable importance still remain unchanged.

What Do you Need a Tomahawk for?

If you think that just any large ax will get the job done, think again. Large axes may be suitable for some heavy-duty tasks and your typical farm work. However, they are very big and bulky and lack the convenience of being carried around easily for long periods. Besides, the bulkier the tool, the weaker the grip you will have on it. Not only will this make certain tasks even harder than they already are, but it will also affect your precision and accuracy. These axes are relatively easy to carry around and can fit in most backpacks. With modern-day technology, tomahawks have now become stronger yet lighter than ever, making them even more versatile.

Tomahawks are especially helpful to those who like spending time outdoors. Avid campers and hunters know that tomahawks are among the most vital tools for survival, particularly in the wild. They use them to split and chop wood to make campfires, build shelters in emergencies, and more. 

Types of Tomahawk Axes

There are three main types of tomahawks: throwing tomahawks, breaching tomahawks, and tactical tomahawks. Throwing style are specially designed to be balanced. There are several competitions around the world where people compete to see who can strike targets with better accuracy and precision. Breaching style are heavier and stronger than throwing style. They are typically made entirely from steel and are used for heavy-duty tasks, like breaking down wooden and steel doors.

Tactical style, on the other hand, are mainly used for fighting and self-defense purposes. They consist of a blade ax, for slicing and landing blows, and a spike for penetrating hard surfaces. The bigger the blade, the better you will be able to hit the target, but the smaller the blade, the deeper the penetration. Getting the best quality tomahawks for outdoor use can literally save your life. Usually, below the blade, tactical style have a sharp edge that can be used as a hook to trap an opponent or pull them off balance. If it’s sharp enough, it can also cut them.

Choosing the Right Style

A tomahawk is the best tool for you if you’re looking for exceptional strength, high versatility, and durability. It will help you complete a variety of tasks with great precision. However, there are many factors to consider when buying a tomahawk, so how do you know which one is the right choice for you? First off, you need to identify the purpose of your tomahawk. Will you be using it to split wood, for bushcraft, or for hunting or camping activities? Based on your answer, you need to start considering the best type of ax head for the job. You can choose from single, double, or spike-headed axes. You also need to consider the material, length, and weight of the tomahawk. 

Tomahawks with a sharp cutting edge and a precision tool are best for mountaineering, while flatbacks may work better for bushcrafters, as they will be more suitable for hammering and pounding. Double-headed tomahawks are great for throwing because of the two blades they have. They are also ideal for other tasks since most of the weight of a double-headed tomahawk is at the head, generating huge amounts of power. 

Longer cutting edges make the tomahawk larger and heavier, which is ideal for some tasks like cutting wood. This is because the added weight adds more strength, resulting in a stronger force. Narrower cutting edges, on the other hand, can make deeper cuts. Last but not least, you need to consider the handle length, which will depend on your intended usage. 

Tomahawks are very versatile tools that have been used for a very long time by humankind. They are the best tools when it comes to survival in the great outdoors, and can easily replace any other sharp-edged tool. Modern tomahawks are stronger and lighter than the earlier models, which makes them even handier.