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A Taste of Austin

Austin, Texas is the home of Willie Nelson and is also home to one of the most uniquely fascinating cities in the United States. Unlike many parts of Texas that fits the stereotype of ten-gallon cowboy hats and snake-skinned boots, Austin is more rock and roll than hillbilly and more counter-culture than country. Boasting one of the best music scene’s in the country and a true contender for best barbecue on the planet, a trip to Austin is a must for any traveler.

The University of Texas is located in Austin, so no matter where you look you will see the burnt orange colors and rabid Longhorn fans flooded the streets. The main hub and popular nightlife spot is located on Sixth Street, and features dozens of live music venues, trendy night clubs, rooftop restaurants and hundreds of pedicab drivers waiting to shuttle you throughout the city. If you’re ready to get your dance on, get your groove on, and get your drink on, Sixth Street may be a good place to start. However, if you’re looking for something a little more low key, but still trendy enough to have a good time, head on over to Rainey Street. Here you will find old cottage style homes that have been converted into watering holes and quaint restaurants. Sit outside on a nice day under the large trees that line the roadside and enjoy some good old Texas hospitality.

Once you have had your fill of people watching, go grab some of the best of the best Texas barbecue at Franklin Barbecue, Stiles Switch, or take a drive outside of town to Salt Lick (beware, wait times at Franklin can be anywhere from 2-4 hours long). The brisket in Austin is to die for, and one must not leave the city before devouring a large slab of the slow cooked meat.

Chances are that you will fill up on some barbecue, perhaps guzzle down a beverage or two, and indulge a little too much in some of the amazing food spread throughout the city, so get on your feet and take a walk or a bike ride down the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail. This 10 mile scenic route will take you along the Colorado River and will provide you many wildlife watching opportunities and a pleasant journey outside of the city center.


Music is king in the city of Austin, so whether or not you’re looking for some rockabilly or rock and roll, you will find it being played live throughout the city. With more than 250 live music venues, the city boasts one of the very best scene’s in the country. From small basement types of settings that holds just a couple of dozen of people, to large stadiums, there is absolutely no shortage of great local and world-renowned bands ready to play in Austin.

The city of Austin breaks just about every type of stereotype known to man, and is one of those places that visitors fall in love with immediately. Its great vibe mixed with music and barbecue will suck you in, and make you think about moving to this bizarrely rock and roll city located somewhere in Texas.