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Shopping for Sales

With summer quickly coming to a close, shops are looking to purge their inventory for the fall/winter collections. This means steep discounts on items you may have not been able to afford when they were first featured. Temptations pop up throughout the season, but no other time is greater than to capitalize on these sales. Here are some quick tips to score a piece you have been lusting after through the season.

Knowing how far stores discount is important. Some higher-end, small shops that specialize in certain items may only discount up to 30%, but department stores, such as Barneys, may discount up to 80%. The further the discount, the more regular sizes like Smalls, Mediums, and Larges will be sold out.

Check out the buzz around the item. If people are expecting the item to go on sale, they will wait patiently and attentively. Be careful because these people are vigilant and will pick up the sale item before you.

Use common sense. If the price is right and the item is in stock in your size, buy it. There is nothing worse than getting too greedy, coming back the next day and finding that the item you thought would get discounted even more is sold out. You have to use common sense to know when to give in to the sale. Plus, if you really wanted the item, you would have been saving, right?

If it was sold out before it went on sale, it will sell out once it hits the sales. Normally if items are sold out and then restocked before a sale, the store knows the item will sell. Plan ahead for the sale and make sure you aren’t waiting for nothing.