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Easy Ways To Solve The Storage Problem On Your iPhone

Storage is a big problem for people with iPhones and even though you can use the iCloud storage service, you only get 5GB for free and then you have to start paying for more space. When your phone storage is full, it will run slowly and you won’t be able to download any new apps or take photos and videos. You could go for an upgrade, but before you spend any more money, you should try some of these easy ways to free up storage on your iPhone. 

Delete Apps That You Don’t Use 

How many times have you downloaded a game, played a couple of times before deciding you don’t like it, and then just left it on your phone? If you went through all of your apps, you’d probably find that there are a lot that you never use and they’re taking up a lot of space. If you delete all of your unused apps, you’ll find that you free up a lot of space and tidy up the home screen so your phone is nicer to use. 

Move Photos To Your Computer 

Deleting photos is an easy way to free up space, but you probably have lots of photos that you want to keep. If you want more space on your phone, you should move all of the photos onto your computer so you still have them but they don’t waste valuable memory on your phone. Check out https://backlightblog.com/iphone-photos-to-pc for a quick guide on how to transfer your photos. You’ll find that you have a lot more photos than you thought you did, and moving them to your computer will save a lot of space. 

Check Internal App Downloads 

Sometimes, an app itself doesn’t take up that much space but the internal downloads are huge. Spotify is a prime example of this because, even though the actual app is very small, downloading tracks onto your phone will quickly burn through all of your storage. A lot of games also download regular updates that take up a huge amount of space. If you go into the Manage Storage menu on your phone and click on an app, you can see the original app size compared with the internal storage. If there are apps that have huge internal downloads, it’s worth considering how much you really need them. 

Set Messages To Automatically Delete 

When was the last time you read those messages that you sent 2 years ago? Most normal people never read their old messages, so why have them take up space on your phone? The short answer is, it’s time consuming and boring to go through and manually delete them all but you don’t need to because iPhones have a built in feature that allows you to automatically delete messages after a certain period. You can decide how long you want to keep messages before they are deleted, and this will create a lot of free space. 

These simple tips and tricks will help you to free up storage on your iPhone and make it run a lot faster.