Toniiq: Ultra Premium Hangover Prevention

We all have our little tricks of the trade when it comes to ridding ourselves of hangovers: from pounding water to the greasy burger. Unfortunately, most the measures we take are for the pain the next day rather than preventing the hangover altogether, that is until Toniiq.

Toniiq consists of three pills, two before bed and one in the morning, and that’s it. In fact, the hardest part about the treatment is drunkenly trying to remember to take the pills before you pass out, but when you do the results are dramatic. On the occasions I took Toniiq I was significantly better off than I felt I should have been and better than the times I didn’t take the treatment during that same week.

Aimed at eradicating the cause of hangovers rather than the symptoms Toniiq is made up of Lingzhi. There is way more science to Lingzhi and what it does for the body than I understand, but in short it’s an herb that’s great for the liver. And as we all know the liver is alcohols punching bag. So by helping the liver along with Lingzhi, Toniiq is able to aid in liver enhancement, detox and regeneration. This in turn results in a greatly better, to no, hangover.