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How To Choose The Perfect Shampoo For Healthy Hair

The average person uses ten bottles of shampoo each year. That’s about 7.5 liters of concoction being massaged into your hair and scalp every 365 days. So why is it so uncommon for people to research what ingredients are actually in their hair products? 

Media and larger corporations have made so many different shampoos so accessible to the shopper that we no longer question the effect these products can have on our hair. 

That’s why it’s important to research and uncover what our hair really needs. This also applies to what type of hair you have. Whether it’s curly, straight, thin, or thick – there’s a product out there made just for your hair type. 

In this article – we’ll be teaching you ways to find the Perfect Shampoo that’ll get your hair back to its healthy state. 

Finding The Right pH Level 

First and foremost – no matter your type of hair – paying attention to the pH level is the place you should first start when searching for a new shampoo. Extensive research showed that the best ph for shampoo is around 3.67. That’s because each natural hair fiber has a pH of 3.67. 

However, getting a pH level that low in shampoo is near impossible. Therefore looking for brands that are closer to 3.67 instead is the way to go. 

Using a higher pH can be extremely damaging to your hair.  It causes breakage, frizz, and severe hair tangling. 

However, a lower pH can also be damaging by getting the strands to become over absorbent and cause breakage as well. 

Ever wonder why your hair feels so nice after a trip to the salon? It’s because these hairstylists use products that complement your hair fiber’s natural pH. 

Defining Your Hair Type 

Next up is defining what type of hair you have. Knowing your hair type will set the basis for what shampoos you should be looking for. 

Some common types of hair are: 

Fine Hair 

Fine or “thinner” hair requires a shampoo that is more gentle and potentially volume-inducing. Fine hair also tends to produce more oil which is also something to take into consideration while shopping. 

Dry Hair 

Dry hair also tends to be grouped with coarse hair. This is because the thicker the hair the harder it is for your strands to absorb moisture and water. While hydrating shampoo is important finding that perfect matching conditioner might be the way to get your hair healthy. 

Frizzy Hair 

Frizzy hair also tends to accompany curlier or wavy hair. Luckily, there are brands that tame the frizz and accentuate your beautiful waves or curls. Look for shampoos meant to tame and stay away from anything volumizing! 

Don’t Shy Away From Dry Shampoo 

Dry Shampoo sometimes gets a bad rap for not actually washing your hair – but the truth is we shouldn’t be washing our hair the traditional way with shampoo in the first place more than 3 times a week.

This strips our hairs of its natural oils it uses to stay hydrated and healthy. Dry shampoo can benefit those whose hair becomes oily quickly. Using dry shampoo to delay a traditional wash can assist in getting your hair back to its healthy state. 

Consider Your Underlying Conditions 

Your scalp health should also be considered when searching for the perfect shampoo. Whether you suffer from dandruff or diseases like Eczema and Psoriasis, this can play a major role considering certain shampoos may trigger or irritate these conditions. 

It may also be worth seeking out a dermatologist for shampoo recommendations if you’re unsure of what your scalp can handle. 

Have A Company Do It For You 

The best part about living in the 2020s is that we have the internet. This means you can easily find a shampoo company online that will generate the perfect shampoo for your hair type. 

Often times you’ll take a quiz to determine your needs and will sign on to a subscription that will get you personalized shampoo and conditioner every 3 months. You even get to chose the color and scent. 

If you’re looking to get even more organic, most companies offer vegan versions of their shampoo using organic ingredients that you can state in your quiz. 

Overall there are plenty of things to consider when shampoo shopping – but the most important thing is to get to know your hair well before heading into the store or online to invest in a new shampoo. If you do that, you’ll have more success finding a shampoo quickly that’s perfect for you.