Are Men’s Bracelets The Next Fashion Piece?

Men, wearing bracelets?  NEVER.  Well, maybe.  Let us explain.

Often when we think of men’s fashion, we think watches, ties, shoes, and belts.  Sometimes a few other accessories make it into the list, but the trend they bring are often not long-lived, or designed for a singular type of fashion like cuff links or pocket squares.   Most times, companies attempt to go too cheap, too feminine, and too gaudy to fit the gentleman’s fashion.  It get ridiculous when you see huge necklaces, big gaudy belt buckles, bedazzled jeans, and glitter (seriously, stop with the sparkly crap).

But maybe there is a way to add the bracelet to that common, every-day fashion piece.  Maybe, just maybe, the wrist can be adorned with more than a watch, be classy and original. And that’s where the trend of leather and metal in single pieces works.  The idea brings forward an idea of the a subtle, masculine focused piece of jewelry that could fit in both professional and casual settings, all while using elements that are fitting for a man.  Leather and metal have always gone well together, so why not in a man’s bracelet?  And the one that is standing out is the Diana Kauffman Designs Manlet, a bracelet that was designed specifically for that purpose.

It is simple in design and execution, with leather, metal, and magnets coming together as one piece of jewlry.  It’s hefty, but not heavy, comfortable to wear for long periods, and classy enough to go with a day in the suit or a night at the bar.   Maybe that’s why it stands out to us.  Simplicity, a mark that many other designers have missed when it comes to men’s jewelry, is hit right on the mark with this piece.  The Mantlet, as its appropriately called, is not cheap, cheesy, or chintzy, and while not necessarily for every gentleman out there, has a sense of classic design to it.  It fits nice on the wrist, has a nice stiff appeal, and catches the eye barely with any outfit.

But it can’t be that perfect or simple, and while this piece is designed very well, we wouldn’t recommend wearing it in highly active situations.  The magnet needs to be a bit stronger to keep the two ends together, and when sweat gets in the leather, some coloring does wear off onto the skin.  But let’s be honest; men don’t wear bracelets when working out or playing hard.  They get in the way.  But when you head to the bar afterwards or out for a night on the town, it might just be the final statement needed for your outfit.

Is the bracelet here to stay for men?  Well, maybe, but only if other designers take a look at the simple elegance of the Manlet. But this piece has already caught our eye, and who knows, could set the trend going forward.