This Cameracar Deserves More Attention

The team over at Format67 have done it again. Known for their epic storytelling videos with cars as the centerpiece, the team has continued to push the boundaries of what we as consumers have come to accept and expect in automotive cinematography. And with their latest addition to the team, the Caterham Super67 cameracar, they are continuing this upward trend in the business.

In keeping with their storytelling standard, Format67 released a little video on the car that just leaves me wanting more. Watching it fly around the corners, capturing shots inches off the pavement just gives me chills. While the Cayenne and Raptor cameracars are cool, I cannot wait to see where Format67 goes with this, the shots they capture, and the rules they continue to break.

That being said, I want to see a video about this car, the build, and everything. Heck, as a journalist, I want to drive and review this gorgeous machine. What do you say Format67? Can I review it? Let’s make this happen.

Check out more about this car here: