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Now Hear This

This is our ongoing series of all the fresh new music you need to be listening to now. We painstakingly (or quite easily) comb through the noise that is the music scene and bring you only the tastiest nuggets. Enjoy!

Frightened Rabbit – Get Out

The Rabbit crew are finally back, and with production help from Aaron Dessner of The National their newest album Painting of a Panic Attack is a massive gut punch of melancholy lyrics and souring orchestral sounds. This is such a dream team of Rabbit’s poignant and wholly unique lyrics ripped from their, and our, everyday lives, along with the kind of driving multi-layered sound The National have rode to success. This album has been on heavy repeat here at the F24 office, and we haven’t even broken the seal on our vinyl yet. Soon.

LNZNDRF – Beneath the Black Sea

Speaking of The National, LNZNDRF is a side project for their bassist and drummer (real life actual brothers) along with Ben Lanz of Beirut. Sticking mostly with instrumentals with this album, there’s more than a passing resemblance to Explosions in the Sky – if you’re into that kind of thing (and many are). Beneath the Black Sea, however, adds on some lyrics (I mean really, how hard is that?) to provide a drum-propelled wander of a song.

Daughter – How

Daughter is also recently back with now their second major label album. Again highly produced and multilayered – a large departure from their sparse and wonderfully naked early work – Not to Disappear is a contemplation on failed relationships, personal trauma, and the general ennui of being a human among humans. Always a good listen, Daughter has an innate ability to sneak a lyric into your head that makes you stop and think, “wow, that’s messed up.” In the best way.

Tiny Deaths – The Gardener

This one has a little funk to it. Tiny Deaths are a new group (you heard it first!) with just an EP out. Don’t expect that to stay the case for long. Hardly sounding like an amateur freshman attempt, The Gardener is a fully fleshed hip shaker with a chorus you’ll have after the first go around. We’ll be keeping an eye on this crew and can’t wait to see what’s next.

On Dead Waves – California

Ready for your summer anthem? Coming hot off the presses is On Dead Waves with this poppy little number that will sound perfect on the beach, at your annual BBQ where you get too drunk, or just blasting out of your windows as you dust. With etherial vocals and a running time closer to a Ramones song, California is a nice little pick-me-up in the list of otherwise sad sack songs. I mean, we have to leave you on a happy note right?

Look, we made it through an entire music post without mentioning Prince…