Austria city beside body of water during daytime
Photo by Joss Woodhead on Unsplash

Top Places You Need to Visit When in Austria

Everybody loves having a holiday to look forward to. It may be a week in the sun, whilst relaxing on a sunny beach. Alternatively a person may prefer a high-action vacation featuring outdoor sports and lots of travelling. One highly popular holiday location is Austria. When people hear the name, they frequently think of snowy mountains, huge valleys and wooden cabins. Austria is actually a republic, and it’s found in the southern part of central Europe. There’s something for everyone here, whether it’s scenery or culture, sports or music. We will now take a look at some of the most famous and loved holiday destinations. 


This is the capital of Austria. It’s also the largest city with the greatest population. It boasts a high standard of living, and features many tourist attractions. 

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Classical music lovers have a great time in Vienna. It’s no surprise, as there are links to such composers as Schubert, Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven. Imagine watching the Vienna Philharmonic at the State Opera House, or attending concerts at the Mozarthaus. 

In between enjoying pastries at a local coffee house, visitors can explore the baroque palaces and gothic cathedral, and the many museums and art exhibitions.


In line with its name, this location is found alongside the Inn River. There are several specialist museums to be visited here, including the Museum of Anatomy, the Visual Museum Innsbruck and the Audioversum Science Center. 

Innsbruck is rightly viewed as the ‘capital of the Alps’, with its 2,000 metre high mountains. Snow lovers will want to visit the Bergisel Ski Jump. 

Historians will enjoy the mix of culture and architecture, including the medieval old town. Don’t forget to visit the Hapsburg Imperial Palace or the Baroque St. Jacob Cathedral. 

The Zillertal Alps

Imagine taking a steam train through the Ziller Valley or riding along the Zillertal cycle path. 

Some of the greatest treasures of this location are found at high altitudes. The many cliffs and mountains provide opportunities for hikers, whilst people admire the glacial peaks. There are in fact more than 85 glaciers in this region. The Hintertux glacier features a ski resort that is open from January to December. It’s not just the snow that can capture our gaze here: There are beautiful landscapes displaying many miles of trees. The High Alps Nature Park also has much to offer lovers of hiking. 


Salzburg is found by the banks of the Salzach River.  This location deserves its place on any tourist’s itinerary. It was put firmly on the map thanks to ‘The Sound of Music’, and there are specific tours people can take for this. People can take other day trips as well, including by rail. 

Anyone who enjoys architecture will love the Festung Hohensalzburg, which is a fortress that’s over 900 years old. There are also monuments, tramways and statues. Music lovers will be interested to learn that Mozart was born in Salzburg. 

The Wachau Valley

The beauty of the scenery has been largely created by the Danube River, with the landscape extending for 18 miles. Cycle paths exist on both sides of the river, so why not try a 20 mile excursion? Small group tours can also be purchased. People who love quality wine can go for tours in this region. This is because there are many vineyards to be found amongst the cliffs and hills. Many of them produce the world-renowned Reisling grapes and Gruner Veltliner.  

The Valley is a historical centre. It contains the Durnstein Castle that was used to imprison Richard The First from England, back in 1193 (This was during the Third Crusade). Several monasteries are located in the Wachau Valley. They include Gottweig Abbey and Melk Abbey. There are many castles and ruins to be found here as well. 

There are many more locations that can be recommended in Austria, such as Worthersee, Bad Gastein and Grossglockner Alpine Road. The examples we have discussed provide a great taster, however. There is something here for everyone, ranging from scenery to history, from sports to travel. People can taste the local delicacies and wines, or ski down ice-covered mountains.