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How to Easily Throw a Great Party for Your Kid

Being a parent is a wonderful gift. Seeing your child’s happy face every day is priceless. One of the highlights of the year is birthday time. Planing a birthday party can be challenging. Questions such as who do I invite? How many party bags do I need? Should I hire a hall? What cake should I get? Plague the months leading up to the birthday. But planning a great party need not be stressful, and there are so many options to choose from that any child will love. 

Animal themed 

Most kids have a favourite animal, and if they’re anything like my son, they get obsessed with it. Thankfully there are lots of ideas for animal-themed parties. 

The birthday cake is an essential part of any child’s party. Most cake makers can create animal-shaped cakes or add animal toppers to a design of their choice. Check out Facebook pages of local cakemakers for ideas. You may be a dab hand at cake making yourself, so search online for an appropriate recipe that you can personalize for your kid. 

Balloons are a great addition to kid’s parties providing endless hours of fun. Lion, giraffe, cat, and dog balloons are all available at various online retailers. If your daughter (or son) is a fan of ‘my little pony’, the guys over at have a plethora of party supplies such as plates, cups, hats, balloons, and stickers. 


Kids love playing! And some games never go out of fashion. Group games such as pass the parcel are great for fun-loving kids keen to get a sweet treat. Choose fun upbeat songs to play during the game and make sure every kid gets a turn (or they’ll be a riot, trust me). 

Do you remember musical chairs from your childhood? A great game requiring little preparation except for a few chairs from the dining room. During musical chairs,  music is played, and when it stops, each player has to seat on the nearest chair. The player without a chair loses, and the game continues. Guaranteed to cause endless laughter, a fabulous game to include in any party; even the adults can join in, children love that. 

What about paying for a magician or clown? This is a special treat and will be a memory they’ll never forget, unless they’re scared of clowns, then don’t do it. A clown will make kids laugh and do silly things, keeping them entertained for hours. It may allow you the opportunity to keep on top of the clearing up, or maybe you’ll need a glass of wine to keep the stress at bay. Clowns usually have skills such as juggling, balloon making, and magic tricks which will keep children mesmerised. Magicians are an excellent option for older children; they’re great entertainers and can involve the kids in their tricks. They often add in dances and games making them a great all-round option for parties. 


Preparing food for a kid’s party is crucial to keep their energy levels up. The good news is that kid’s food is usually simple to prepare. You can save some pennies by catering yourself and buying in bulk if you expect a lot of guests. Foods such as sausage rolls, crisps, healthy raw snacks, and sandwiches are usually enough to feed the hungry hoards. Jelly and ice cream is a party favourite too. Buying frozen is a great budget option so be sure to stock up beforehand.  Always check with parents about allergies, as you don’t want any emergencies to hamper the day. 


Part of birthday party etiquette these days is providing a party bag for children that attend. Likely, the birthday boy or girl will receive gifts, and a party bag is a little thank you on behalf of the family. 

Party bags usually consist of a small piece of birthday cake, some gender-specific items such as make-up or hair clips for girls and cars, and plastic insects for boys, although this of course can be adjusted depending on the child. There are usually some balloons and sweet treats too. Gift bags are not compulsory but nice little parting gifts for the attendees. There are various suppliers online, or you can get items for your local supermarket. 

Planning a party for your little ones is enjoyable. It’s important to take advantage of these years; time passes so quickly and one day your children will be adults, and you will look back at these times and know you created priceless memories.