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How To Stay Safe When Holidaying In Florida

With internationally renowned attractions like Walt Disney World and Miami Beaches, Florida has repeatedly been a hot destination for visitors every year. In 2018 alone, the state drew 126.1 million visitors, continuing a tourism streak for the 8th consecutive year. Whether it is as an international family vacation destination or as the perfect destination for your first road trip next summer, the state is teeming with visitors of all kinds and ages. Although the state of Florida has many positive draws for visitors of all categories, its crime rate has crept up in recent years. Florida’s crime rates are slightly higher than the national average- about 3.8 crimes per 1,000 people. For any traveler, staying safe is a concern while on holiday, even in Florida. The good news is, taking a few simple steps can help you stay safe during your visit to the sunshine state.

Stick To The Driving Laws In Florida And Be Prepared For Bad Weather

In Florida, hurricane season lasts for 5 months and begins every June. With such a sizeable part of the year occupied by unpredictable (and sometimes dangerous) weather, you and your vehicle must be prepared for any eventuality. A great place to start is by building a first aid kit for your car. Essentials should include antihistamines, gauzes, painkiller, and antibiotic ointment. 

If driving, you should also be confident behind the wheel during rain. Brush up on the standard stopping distance during wet conditions and Florida’s driving laws and regulations including the laws around using your driver’s permit in the state. Other tips include leaving your headlights on from dawn to dusk and during rain. Auto accidents are a leading injury cause in the state, so it is advised that you are prepared during your road trip or visit.

Include Florida’s Safest Ranking Cities In Your Accommodation Plans

If you plan on spending a few days in Florida, most people will be considering location and proximity to amenities when booking their accommodation. To ensure you are staying in a safe neighborhood, take a look at the annual safest cities ranking for Florida for neighborhoods with low crime and theft incidence reports. For 2020, Weston had the lowest property crime rate, coming in at 5.2 while Key Biscayne was ranked third and had the least amount of violent crimes. Overall, the crime rate decreased in Florida last year so as a traveler you can be assured that these and other locations are great bets for protection against theft property crime. According to, crimes like grand theft (theft for possessions valued at $300 or more) carry strict penalties including prison time, restitution, and a permanent criminal record. 

Practice Standard Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention For Your Car Or RV

Auto theft not only results in the loss of your vehicle or RV but can also leave travelers vulnerable without a means of transport in a foreign state. When it comes to motor vehicle theft, Florida has ranked consistently on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report over the years. To prevent your motor vehicle from being stolen and avoid being a victim of a carjacking, the Florida Attorney General’s Office recommends visitors install and use anti-theft devices and lock all windows or doors when parking their car.

Also, you should keep any valuables locked out of sight and only leave your car ignition key with a parking attendant if you need to. Florida based cities like Fort Lauderdale have been listed on 2020’s Cities With Highest Vehicle Theft Rates, according to analysts at BuyAutoInsurance.
These are just a handful of the tips travelers can rely on to keep themselves safe whilst on holiday in the great sunshine state. With so much to offer, Florida can be a fantastic vacation destination and a place of safe, unrivaled memories.