Sugar House Distillery: A Hidden Utah Gem

Utah is not really known for its small batch distillery and craft liquor scene, but on a recent trip to the Beehive State I stumbled on a truly hidden gem that is fully worth seeking out: Sugar House Distillery. Hidden down the small corridor of very nondescript industrial park in Salt Lake City is the tiny but mighty Sugar House, a small distillery faithfully crafting some of the best booze I have ever had.


I toured their small but efficient operation and was in awe of their brand new kettles and equipment, the bronze reflected the mid-afternoon light perfectly as it hummed along distilling the base of their next batch. Next to the copper stills was a modest yet impressive array of barrels aging their whiskies and Gold Rum to perfection. My spouse and I tried all five of their modestly named creations; Vodka, Silver Rum, Gold Rum, Malt Whisky, and Bourbon Whiskey and were blown away by the impeccable quality of each.


The head distiller obviously takes great passion in his work because all the products are from high quality and locally sourced ingredients that shine through in the final product. The Gold Rum starts with the highest quality molasses available and ages in lightly charred American oak barrels until it reaches the perfect texture, taste, and abv. My favorite of their products is definitely the Bourbon Whiskey where locally sourced corn, rye, and barley are aged to perfection to create a slightly smoky smooth and multidimensional palette that is on par with anything I have had from Colorado. This is craft brewing at its finest where everything is distilled on site and there are no additives, sweeteners, or artificial flavors to be found in any of their products.


Sugar House Distillery is a true delight that must be sought out and enjoyed, to me it represents everything great about the burgeoning craft liquor industry. Check out the photo below, if you did not know exactly where the distillery and tasting room is you would never see it (it is about three quarters of the way down on the left), it is hard to find but worth every sip. Get out there, go on an adventure, and discover something amazing.