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7 Things You Must Know Before You Start Hunting

No matter if you’re young or older, if you’re interested in going on your first hunt, the same rules apply for everyone. Furthermore, there are many things you need to know beforehand from getting your hunting and firearm license to what kind of clothes and gear to wear. With many different guides with various information out there, things can get a little confusing. This is why we’ve come up with 7 things you must know before you start hunting.

You Need a Hunting Licence

As you already probably know, getting your hunting license is a prerequisite to start hunting. Furthermore, you will also need a firearm license, so don’t think about hunting unless you own these two legally required licenses. Each state has different hunting regulations so make sure you acquaint yourself with all of them so you could get all the necessary paperwork depending on where you want to hunt. These regulations specify the periods, the area as well as the weapons you are allowed to use for hunting.


The first thing you should know before you start hunting is that it requires a lot of patience. This can be especially hard for novice hunters since they don’t fully grasp how much waiting is involved. Even when you’re walking through terrain you should do your best to move extremely slowly and with enormous caution because you might be putting yourself at risk. Furthermore, patients should also be practiced because more often than not, when you’re hunting bigger animals, you will most often go days without taking a single shot.

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Another very important thing that goes hand in hand with plenty of patience is the scent. Your hunting clothes and gear should have a minimal scent because animals have an innate sense of the world surrounding them, and the sense of smell helps them stay alive. This is especially important if you’re hunting bigger animals such as deer or elks as this requires a lot of waiting and if you smell like your perfume or clothing detergent, they won’t show up anywhere near you.

No Noise

In addition to a great sense of smell, animals also have a prominent hearing sense, which can make it all the more difficult to hunt in the beginning. This means that you should be extremely aware of your surroundings as to not do something stupid and step on a tiny branch that can easily scare the animals away. In addition to this, you should avoid any kind of food or equipment that is noisy. This especially applies to velcro as a piece of clothing or any kind of 

Essential Gear

There’s been much debate on which hunting gear is essential. The truth is there is no universal answer because different hunters will have different needs for certain equipment.  The team from Shooting Mystery suggests you should look for advice at online resources that are dedicated to finding the best tools for your outdoor activities. Furthermore, they should also be unbiased and should suggest products that have been tried, tested, and which have the highest quality for your needs.

Proper Clothing

When it comes down to hunting clothing, you should concern yourself with two main things. Firstly, your clothes should be following the weather. The nights and mornings are usually colder, but it can get hot during the day so the best advice is to dress in layers. Secondly, you shouldn’t wear something that can scare away the prey. As we’ve mentioned earlier, it shouldn’t cause any unwanted noise, nor should it be heavily scented. The right kind of hunting clothing can make all the difference. crispy food.

Practice Shooting

It’s quite obvious that you don’t just need a weapon to start hunting, you also need to be precise. This is why you should visit the firing range now and then so you could be better for when you go hunting. If you’re going to the range for the first time, some tips to follow can be found in this article. Improving your shooting ability, familiarity with your weapon and confidence will yield better results in the field, and a clean kill.

Hunting is a serious endeavor that requires a lot of licensing, patience, and practice. Make sure you follow through with all of these seven tips to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and success in your first hunting experience. However, it’s very important to note that owning the right gear can save you from the elements and the potential harm. This is why it’s crucial to find the best and reputable sources on what kind of gear you should own for your outdoor adventure.