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3 Girls Night Ideas to Spice it Up

Girls night have been around for years. It’s the one day in the month (or week) where you get together with your closest “sisters” and reconnect while letting loose. While the general idea of girls night revolves around drinking and clubbing, you want your girls night to be more fun and memorable. In this blog, we will discuss three girl night ideas to bring more spice to your girls night.

Girls Night

Color Challenge

This is the ultimate fun challenge, but not for the faint of heart. You can either give each person their own color or do it as a group challenge. The challenge starts when you decide on your outfit for the night – it must be in the color selected for the night. And don’t think that your make-up will slip through. Go wild with eyeshadows and lipsticks – it’s all about the fun. Next, it’s the food and drinks. All of them have to correspond with the color of the challenge. If the drinks are a bit difficult, you can be lenient and have the color of the bottle correspond with the challenge color. Finally, if there is a club, bar, or cocktail lounge that either the interior or name correlates to the color challenge, book it for your night. You could even look for the casino website of that evening and play squares or games that color!

Mystery Cocktail Hat

For those homey girls nights, give an old favorite a twist. DIY cocktails are always fun, and who needs a limit on how many you can drink when you’re safe at home? But for the twists, put various cocktails (with their recipes on) in a hat, and everyone needs to pull out a random cocktail. You can have from the classic mojito to something new like a french martini in the mystery cocktail hat. Then, after everyone constructs their cocktails, you need to guess the drink name as part of the game. 

Tik Tok Challenges

Social media is so part of our lives as having your caffeine fix in the mornings. So why not incorporate it into your next girls night? Tik Tok challenges are very popular and extremely fun – although some take more guts than others to do. Decide on a few Tik Tok challenges and write them out on individual cards. Everyone needs to select a challenge at random. You can do that using various methods, from spin the bottle, pulling one out of a hat, or picking them out like you would a deck of cards. There is only one rule – no chicken out! Everyone needs to complete their challenge. For those who need extra “guts,” a shot or two of their choice will do the trick. 

Girls Night

Girls nights are an integral part of keeping your relationships with your most trusted girls alive and thriving. They are essential to remind you why you have these amazing women in your lives, laugh till your stomach aches, and reminisce on the good old days. They are not only crucial to catch up with each other’s lives but to have fun and make memories. So why not use one of these girls night ideas to make new memories more special. Remember to take pictures!