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With the recent resurgence of open-faced Bell helmets as the go-to choice for the hip crowd, masking up your face has once again become a required riding ritual. Most motorcycle masks are designed for the wannabe 1% bunch and are only appropriate for Sturgis. This is why we were so excited when we came across Weld Burn.

This small shop pumps out handcrafted leather masks made by master craftsman Jake “Zombie” Heaton one at a time and often to customer specifications. Want to look like Deathstroke from the DC Universe? Weld Burn has you covered. Want a sleek burnished leather look? Done and done. Weld Burn has masks for all sets (even wannabe 1%ers!) and after riding with one for a week, we can attest to their quality.

Zombie Jake combines thick leather hide with a stylish bandana-lined inner and a secure clasp and adjuster to keep you looking fresh no matter the conditions. While they won’t work with any motorcycle style – we’re looking at you cafe racers… –  these masks are a fantastic alternative to a fairly useless bandana or ugly plastic skull face. And as all these are one-offs, your mask will be unique to you. Bring on our riding season!

Adam Kaslikowski
About the Author

Co-founder and CEO of FactoryTwoFour. I enjoy writing about all factors of this lifestyle of ours. If I'm not writing or running F24, you can generally find me in the garage tinkering on a vintage car or motorcycle. If you need anything from me, try bribing with Randy's Donuts first.

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