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6 Top Tips To Make Moving House As Smooth As Possible

Whether you are a seasoned professional at moving house or just about to embark on your very first move, it is universally acknowledged that such a task is one of the most stressful and complicated things one does in life. Here are six top tips to make moving house as smooth as it can be for you and your family. 

Hire A Removal Company

Naturally, having just spent a sizeable sum on arranging the purchase of your new home, you will be in no great hurry to splurge on what you could consider to be optional extras, such as hiring a removal company to help you on the day of the move. 

However, this could quite possibly be to the detriment of your mental wellbeing, as hiring such a company will save you a considerable amount of stress and worry, as well as ensuring your treasured belongings arrive at your new home in the same condition they left your old house. There are a plethora of benefits to employing the services of a home removal company, efficient management of time, gas savings, and a significantly higher degree of organization, to name but a few. 

Pack an Overnight Box

Planning for your first night sleeping over in your new home may seem like the least of your concerns at this point, but that day will come far quicker than you anticipate. Pack an overnight box containing the essential things you and your family need to start the day, especially if you will be working the following day or have babies or small children. 

Essentials include milk, bread, coffee and tea, and, of course, the kettle itself as well as toiletries and toothbrushes and any medication you need. 

Rent A Storage Unit For A Seamless Transition

Making the decision to rent a storage unit during the process of moving house provides a multitude of advantages, not the least the time it affords you to not have to rush to load all your precious belongings into your new home. Securely storing larger items of furniture in a reliable and established space such as means you can redecorate and rearrange your new interior living spaces without having to worry about damaging the walls of your new home or your treasured furniture pieces. 

External storage options are also a fantastic way of storing seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations without the risk of them being damaged or tainted during the move. You can book a storage unit for just a few days or for a year or more, and the flexibility and security they afford means they are a must for anyone moving home. 

Ensure Your Utility Bills Are Sorted Prior To The Move

Whether you are intending on remaining with your current electricity, gas, and water supplier or have found a better deal and a better service with a competitor in your new area, it is crucial to make certain each provider is aware of the change of your address. Additionally, it is vital to ensure not to neglect other direct debits pertaining to services provided to your old home, such as your television, telephone, and broadband supply. 

Begin Packing Items That Are Not Used As Often As Others

This sounds particularly obvious, but so many families who are moving house decide to start packing room by room, resulting in a fairly disorganized and chaotic packing system. Instead, go through the house with one strong box at a time and place any items you are unlikely to need in the coming weeks.

Next, go through the house room by room and begin to wrap and pack more breakable and delicate items such as ornaments and lamps, ensuring they are properly and securely packed within the box with newspaper and/or bubble wrap. Confirm each box is tightly sealed and clearly labeled and, with the boxes containing more sensitive items, ensure it is clearly marked which way round the box must be moved. 

Start Collecting Helpful Items As Soon As Possible

As with most things in life, particularly larger and potentially stressful tasks, preparation is essential. It is strongly advisable to begin collecting cardboard boxes, perhaps from work or the local store, and find leftover wrapping items from online deliveries like polystyrene balls and bubble wrap. Plan any and all arrangements pertaining to the house move as early as possible and ensure you use professional and established companies and only enlist help from friends and family whom you consider to be reliable and trustworthy.