An Interview with Henrik Fisker, the Designer's Designer

Welcome to our [LIFE]Style Makers series, where we meet with those making big impressions on the everyday life of the brands we love. We recently sat down with Henrik Fisker. This modern day renaissance man designed many of the cars that adorn posters and dreams worldwide. Not content with having an amazing design career, he […]

Go Watch F1 With a Bunch of Lunatics

In many ways, F1 is the king of motor racing series. It expends more cash and hosts more glamor than just about any other sporting event, especially auto related. But in years past F1 has been a bit of a bummer to watch because of the dynasty of 4 consecutive championships the Red Bull team […]

Here's How to Recharge Your Car A/C System

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of A/C Pro for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Summer is here ladies and gentlemen, and nothing feels better on a hot day than sliding into your car and cranking your air conditioning all the way until you can see your own breath. This sweet relief […]

3D-Printed Car Parts Are The New Hotness

It’s a brave new world out there for automobiles. Forget about all-electric propulsion or self driving autonomous Ubers, the real new hotness is in 3D-printed car parts. Daihatsu, the plucky little upstart of the Toyota group, has just announced that they will become the first car manufacturer to offer custom 3D-printed car parts and body […]

The Power of the DIY Oil Change

It has become obvious to me that more and more men consider themselves incapable of working on their cars. The constant refrain I hear when a friend visits me in my garage is “How do you know how do this stuff? I wouldn’t even know where to start.” This comes as if I have some […]

Will It Flip!? - 2001 Audi A4 Quattro - Part II

Welcome to “Will It Flip!?”. A series where I fix take a shitty car from Craigslist and take you on a journey to see if I can trade up or make a profit. In memory of driving a smoking car home, I can recall that the white smoke seeping out the hood was from the […]

Isn't it about time you prep your car for winterpocolypse?

Winter is well with us, and El Nino has promised to make it an interesting, and snowy, winter for much of the country. Winter driving is of course its own special skill – part test of fine control, part contact sport – and like any skill, you need the right equipment. Good snow tires are a […]

Bose Automotive Debuts the Future of Car Audio

Hearing really great sound is a bit like falling in love – it is a otherworldly sensory experience that is beyond your control, impossible to explain to others, and addictive to the point of gibbering madness. Like any act of perceiving the world, it is an entirely personal experience, but one most easily shared with others. […]

The Samsung Powerbot is the future we were promised

Listen, I don’t know if virtual reality will ever take off. I doubt we’ll be commuting in jet packs or flying cars anytime soon. But there is one facet of the future that was promised to us that has become a reality. We the people can right now today enjoy the miracle that is a robot […]

It Could Soon Be Illegal To Work on Your Car

There’s a fight brewing, and its outcome is going to affect us all one way or another. At issue is an alliance of automakers attempting to use the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to make the case that you do not completely own the car you’ve bought and that you are likely to turn it into […]

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