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4 Things to Do to Increase Your Car’s Performance

No matter the length of time you have used your car, it will enter a state of deterioration. Fading paint and rust are the least of your concerns. Over time, your vehicle may have less performance than it used to before.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to improve your car in terms of safety, fuel efficiency, comfort, and endurance during long travels. With the right enhancements, you will be able to save on costly repairs and increase your vehicle’s longevity. Here are a few improvements you might want to keep in mind:

1. Invest in a set of wide tires

When choosing a set of tires, you will need to focus on the right width and height for your vehicle. An experienced mechanic might suggest investing in wider tires, as they have better performance when it comes to braking and accelerating. Although they are more expensive than narrow tires, wide tires allow for a better grip and maneuverability, especially on wet roads. Before making your purchase, ask a specialist to know the right speed rating and tread design for your vehicle.

2. Use premium oil

Your car requires an oil change every time it hits 7,000 miles. That’s a basic rule every motorist knows by heart. Improving the performance of your vehicle will depend on whether you are using high-quality oil. The extra money you spend on quality engine oil is worth avoiding costly issues caused by the cheapest oil brand on the market. Before making your choice, you should know the right type of motor oil to use for your vehicle. Whether it’s a full-synthetic oil or a higher-mileage oil, consult your mechanic and select the best product.

3. Decrease the weight

While you have the freedom to customize your car with a surround sound system and heavy upholstery, these features can weigh the vehicle down and decrease gas mileage. If you want to get the most out of your car, you can shed off the extra weight by removing the speakers and interior decorations. You can even go further by replacing the body and frame with lighter materials. Look towards polymer composite, magnesium alloy, and carbon fiber for these components. These will give you better mileage and significantly reduce the work your engine has to exert, especially during long road trips.

4. Add a spoiler

If you are a driver who wants to go fast, your vehicle should be equipped with aerodynamic features that reduce drag. Your best choice would be a spoiler or air dam. By reducing drag, this simple device can help improve fuel efficiency and provide better handling when you are navigating sharp corners. Make sure to look for a supplier of aftermarket parts that fit your vehicle. If you own an Audi A6, consider purchasing an Audi A6 C7 spoiler made from lightweight carbon fiber.

There are many other ways to enhance your vehicle’s performance on the road. It’s just a matter of knowing which improvements are right for the type of car you have along with its current condition.