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A Quick Guide About Vegan Fashion

In this article, we shall discuss everything about vegan fashion. First off, the clothes being produced nowadays oftentimes contain materials derived from animals.  However, vegan fashion is trying to erase those materials. With the increasing number of vegans globally, vegan fashion is gradually gaining popularity. 

Also, it doesn’t matter if you went vegan recently or you’ve suddenly developed an interest in fashion, you are certainly going to learn a thing or two. 

What is Vegan Fashion?  

Before explaining what vegan fashion is, it is important to have a brief discussion on what Veganism is.

Veganism is more or less a lifestyle of preventing any harm from happening to animals. A list of contributors to animal suffering is food, beauty products, and clothing. Vegan clothing causes no harm to animals as it does not exploit them in any way. 

Why Vegan Clothing?

There are lots of reasons why people decide on vegan fashion. A tangible reason is that they feel since there is an alternative then there is no need to have animals suffer for them to look good.  Another reason why people opt for vegan clothing is because of the environment, as they feel inclined to save it. This is because the more animals they hurt the impact it could have on the planet.  Furthermore, people who have skin issues lean towards vegan clothing to save their skin from any reaction as those animal products do contain chemicals when being treated.

It is of utmost importance to desist from animal exploitation as they are not only conscious, but they are living beings as well. Also, it is a bit unfair to have them killed just for the fact of looking good in those leather bags, or shoes.

Additionally,  a lot of individuals are animal lovers. Plus, the majority of them wouldn’t be in support of such acts with their money if being granted the opportunity to witness how it’s being done.

What are the environmental benefits of Vegan Fashion?

Some of the fashion processes that are not good for the environment are raising cows for leather, or small mammals for fur. These kinds of acts can lead to deforestation or even soil degradation to name a few. The reason why you shouldn’t patronize leathers are: 

  1. The meat industry makes a huge amount of profit while damaging the environment. This is why it is encouraged to have less meat consumed to reverse climate change.
  2. To ensure the factories have 10% less profit since they know that they are going to sell the cow skin once dead. This is why people should stop purchasing leather to remove that profit from them. 

Can Vegan Fashion be Sustained?

Well, in all ramifications the answer is yes. However, one should still be made aware that vegan leather is indeed made of plastic which isn’t in any way sustainable. This still poses a bit of a problem. But to erase any double mind from occurring, it should be made publicly known that some emerging brands are making vegan leather with the use of plants. Some of the plants in mention are the mushrooms, pineapple leaves, and a few others. 

The materials to avoid as a Vegan 

There is a whole lot of material that comes from animals. And it is expected as a vegan to abstain or rather avoid them entirely.  But before we have them listed, it is always a good habit, especially when purchasing new clothes to be vigilant or rather observant. Always look at the label to ensure they don’t contain materials like: 

  • Fur: As you’d know, fur is simply just a luxury product, one that can be avoided entirely. Some of the animals here are rabbits, fox fur, etc.
    An alternative to vegan fur is faux fur. This is the best alternative, especially if you have the urge to acquire fur. The faux fur bolero can keep you warm, especially during the winter period. 
  • Wool: Aside from wool coming from sheep, it would interest you to know that there are other animals that wool could be gotten from. This is why once you detect a material made of wool, you should stay far away from it. Also, vegan fabrics have been proven to be better than wool.

Lastly, leather is also a material you should stay away from, as the crocodile is just one of the animals that leathers are derived from. Also, without having those animals killed or harmed, you can still look good and classy. To this end, it is ideal to avoid it, especially when you know you can.