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If you’re a man of modern style and fashion you may already be well aware that finding one great backpack or messenger that is versatile for both your dressed-up and casual occasions may be a bit hard. Depending in your line of work, sometimes it’s useful to be able to quickly bounce between formal and casual meetings. First impressions with clients are almost everything, this also includes how you dress. Luckily M.R.K.T. bags has you covered for both occasions. The Carter Backpack and Frank Briefcase is the modern bag you need for your metropolis missions.



M.R.K.T. bags use socially conscious vegan-friendly materials that feel expensive to the touch without the shocking price point. All of their bags are priced well below $200 and have thoughtful and functional designs to cater to your everyday needs. Both the Carter and Frank have two pockets that accommodate both 15-inch laptops and tablet. The textures feel great and durable while providing enough protective padding for your precious electronics. The simple and clean design leaves you with just enough pockets for your functional needs without overdoing it.

I’ve been personally using the Frank Briefcase for about two months now and it still looks new. What I like most about this bag aside from how fashionable it looks is the durability and comfort of using it on a day-to-day basis. The handle on the Frank is strong and soft enough that I never really needed to clip on the shoulder strap. Most importantly, I’ve spilled water on the bag and my laptop did not get wet. With just from one week of daily use, I can tell that there is a purpose to every bit of design. Nothing irks me most than a bag that looks great but is far from comfortable or practical. This is one bag I wish I had started using a long time ago. The coolest part about the Frank briefcase has got to be the removable laptop sleeve.

Be sure to check out their website for a wide variety of bags and colors to choose from.


Alvin Dharmawan
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I am a photographer and writer with an obsession for cars, music, and fashion deriving from my urban roots. As a rebel of society I fiend on learning subcultures and lifestyles that shy away from the common limelight. When I’m not working in the studio or on my car, you can find me at zen on mountain roads.

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