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This Saturday May 3 at 8am—self-titled “outdoor enthusiasts who live in the city”—Aether Apparel is teaming up with New York City’s own motorcycle-haven Union Garage for their, “Urban Adventure: Escape From New York”, motorcycle ride from NYC to an undisclosed training location miles away. It’s a full day of motorcycle riding, talking bikes and professional skills training by certified instructors who would like to keep you from turning into road meat.

If you were ever looking for people to ride with around the City, and develop some more motorcycle skills, this is your chance. Since living in this grand ole city is very sketchy at times (okay, all times) on a motorcycle, it’s nice to be able to escape the Taxi Cab Death Squads to the mountainous regions of the north. And at a reasonable $45 with meals included, it’s not going to take fuel out of your tank.

While we try and wrangle up an actual bike for the ride (We’re looking at you Ducati!) check out the event page below for more information. And if you sign up, drop us a line and show us what kind of iron you’re riding.


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