Sony MDR-1RBT Headphones

I never gave Bluetooth headphones any thought until a friend was asking me for headphone recommendations. Having tried my fair share I had numerous suggestions and even some pairs I wasn’t using I offered to him, but he was set on Bluetooth ones. Curious to discover what he saw in them I decided it was time to try them out for myself by getting a pair of Sony’s premium MDR-1RBT headphones.

My initial thought on them was simple: liberating. The feeling of being able to turn 180 degrees at your desk without the headphone cord snapping your headphones back is amazing. Although, I admit, I do feel like I’m having phantom pains as reminders of this feeling as I’m still getting used to the freedom that Bluetooth has provided for me. The wireless freedom is easily achieved by pairing with your Bluetooth device or NFC compatible one. Unfortunately, the latter was not an option for me, but Bluetooth pairing was painless. And if your new found freedom is overwhelming or you need to wire in on a plane to catch the movie a cord is provided for hard-wiring along with a USB cord for charging the headphones.

On the right ear you have easy access to volume, pause/play, next/last track and phone. And when I say easy I mean it as I accidentally placed a couple phone calls easily by initially mistaking the phone button for the power button which is located in the same location on the opposite ear. Ultimately, however, you will be buying these for their performance more than their ease of use or freedom they provide. Luckily they perform excellently.

The cushioning not only provides incredible comfort, but keeps outside noise to a minimum. While on the inside you get an even tone with no one element overpowering. Perhaps most impressive about the sound delivered is the near perfect level of bass, not too little and not overpowering. Something I’ve found to be bit problematic in many of the various types of headphones I’ve tested.

While I’m still not sold on over the ear headphones on the go (too big and hot for me) or at home (get a home system) the Sony MDR-1RBT are an ideal pair for the office. Or on the go or home if you’re not as picky as I am.