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Linen is Made For Summer

Style  /   /  By Clayton Burke

Linen is my favorite summer fabric and probably in the top 3 of my personal favorite fabrics. The first time I heard of linen I was skeptical. As a guy who loves stiff denim, heavy oxford shirts, and flannel, I didn’t even consider wearing linen. Boy was I wrong, and so are you for not wearing it. The light as a feather fabric is an extra layer you don’t even realize is there. Linen is low maintenance, looking best when wrinkled and disheveled. My standard method of care is to put it in the wash on cold and proceed to air dry. Ball it up just like you’d throw it in your hamper while damp to keep it wrinkled. Once desired wrinkles are reached, proceed to hang dry. Because the fabric is thin, drying shouldn’t take more than a day. Linen is mostly used for button-ups and shorts. I have a few short sleeve button-ups from Uniqlo that I wear almost every time I leave the house. And if you’re like me and sweat a lot, the extra layer will hide some of it (more to come in the next article on hiding sweat, so stay tuned!) I have huge legs compared to the rest of my body and I find that linen shorts fit me best because of the thin fabric. If you’re looking for something that will breathe throughout the summer, pick up a linen button-up or pair of shorts. You’re overheated body will thank you.

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I’m a writer and a menswear lover. When I’m not improving my self-image through clothes or excess amounts of protein, I’m drinking any type of ale, tending to my plants, or writing nonsense.

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