Creating the Perfect Cocktail for Atomic Blonde

Welcome to the start of a new series where I create an original cocktail or pair an existing recipe to whichever movie I am particularly in to that week. To debut this series I decided to create a new and original cocktail based on the visually stunning and extremely engrossing spy thriller Atomic Blonde.

The world of Atomic Blonde is bathed in neon blue along with splashes of red and only hints of bright colors that are all set against a grey monotone backdrop. The first thing my cocktail needed to be was a stunning bright, borderline neon-blue which is no easy task. Luckily I a bottle of Blue Curacao on hand.

We are introduced to our main heroine Lorraine Broughton (played perfectly by Charlize Theron) in the most perfect way possible; soaking in an iced-filled tub while drinking vodka inundated by the exact  tone of blue that I wanted my cocktail to represent.

Next I had to focus on the soul of my new creation. Charlize Theron’s character Lorraine looks and feels ice cold from the very first frame she is introduced. Throughout the entirety of Atomic Blonde Lorraine is relentless ass-kicker; she fights, brawls, and scraps until her very last breath. She leaves every fight fully exhausted and barely standing. She wins every fight, but at a steep cost and only through sheer force of will.

Just like the main character and movie itself my cocktail had to be visually stunning, full of life, and a bit rough around the edges. It took me a few tries to perfect but I finally created something that I feel is a great representation of Atomic Blonde and the character that Charlize Theron brings to life so well.

To make my Atomic Blonde Cocktail I assembled the main ingredients: Vodka, Blue Curacao, maraschino cherries, fresh mandarin oranges, and grenadine.

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add 2 parts vodka, 2 parts Blue Curacao, and one part grenadine. Stir extremely well and strain slowly into ice-filled shaker topping with a splash of soda water and garnishing with a slice of mandarin orange and maraschino cherry.

The resulting cocktail is something to behold. To begin, this Atomic Blonde cocktail is simply visually stunning with its neon blue coloring that perfectly represents the overriding palette choices of the film. When you take the first sip you are greeted with the orange overtones of the Blue Curacao while the base of vodka warms both your mouth and stomach. The finish is nicely sweet due to the grenadine and beckons for another drink. Just like our main heroine the Atomic Blonde cocktail is visually captivating, extremely enjoyable, and a bit rough around the edges.

If you are ready for an amazing night in gather up the needed ingredients, cue up Atomic Blonde, recreate my cocktail and have an experience that is usually reserved for the East side of the Berlin Wall.