Ferrari, 458, Spider, Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin: Ferrari 458 Spider

We’ve all become immune to the magnetic Pizza Hut sign popped on the top of a high schooler’s Camry. Even the Mini Cooper with a giant Red Bull can strapped to the top hardly causes us to bat an eye these days, but that didn’t stop Pink Dolphin from taking to a car to market their street wear brand.

A Ferrari 458 Spider would turn heads stock, but Pink Dolphin co-owners Neima Khalia and Cena Barhaghi made theirs as unique as their single run clothing. Painting the wheels and mirrors black the car was then wrapped in gray with touches of their signature pink and blues. While many may scoff at the paint scheme on a Ferrari it still beats the Pizza Hut sign and Red Bull can and we can only hope we have more luxury cars to look forward to in brand marketing.