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3 Reasons Why You Can Never Figure Out What To Wear

If every time you are about to get dressed you always stand and stare at your closet for a while, wondering what to wear, and end up picking the wrong pieces, no need to worry. There are simple ways to figure out what to wear, but first, you should get to the bottom of this struggle.

Today, you might match your outfit seamlessly, in the next couple of days, tables might turn, and there is nothing in your closet that will make you feel and look stylish. This can affect your mood, and it might also interfere with your confidence.

To avoid such inconveniences, you should read this article to know why you can never put an outfit together.

You Don’t Prepare Enough

The first reason that makes it hard for you to figure out an outfit is that you don’t prepare enough. The first step in planning for an outfit is selecting comfortable pieces. Whether you are preparing for an interview or an event, you should choose the clothes that make you feel comfortable throughout.

Secondly, plan your outfit according to the weather. During summer, you should avoid wearing coats, throwing on a scarf or a pair of leather boots. It would be best if you planned outfits that match the weather accordingly.

Thirdly ensure you match the colours. For instance, wearing a brown polo neck with a black pair of jeans seems like an exciting combination.

You Haven’t Found Your Style Yet

Personal style can say a lot about a person. If you don’t know what your style is, something that you can wear anytime and anywhere, you will always struggle to choose an outfit.

The best way to figure out your style is by looking for inspiration from various social pages. For instance, Pinterest is your go-to app for the perfect styling inspiration. Others may include Instagram or downloading various fashion apps.

Another great way to figure out your style is by creating a fashion board. This should happen after you have collected fashion inspiration images from various places. You should then stick them to a board and hang it in your room.

This might seem a lot, but do you want to continue struggling in putting an outfit together? The trick with using a fashion board is that you may notice a clear pattern in the photos you collected.

 For instance, you might notice most outfits worn are denim jeans or blazers. There you have it. You are now a step closer to figuring out your style.

You Don’t Have Clothes That Match Your Skin Tone

You must dress according to your skin tone, and you can do this by figuring out the colours that suit you. There are three types of skin tones, cool, warm and neutral.

To figure out your skin tone, you can look at your veins. If they appear green, you have a warm skin tone. If your eye colour is blue, you have a cool tone.  After getting a hair transplantation consultation from, you should dye your hair. If you get an ashy look, you still have a cool tone. You can then choose clothes that suit your tone.

The above reasons are why you always have a hard time putting an outfit together. If you can use the given solutions to each reason, you can put an outfit together without sweating it.