Ultra Shine Wash Wipes

Armor All Just Reinvented the Car Wash with Ultra Shine Wash Wipes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Armor All for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.



There are plenty of occasions when giving your car a full suds-and-sponge wash just isn’t efficient or practical. For me it’s been working on FactoryTwoFour’s project Porsche. It’s getting covered in dust and splatters of headliner glue as I assemble the interior, but I’m not about to break out a bucket and suds it down when there’s no glass in the car and nowhere in the garage for the water to drain to. Or consider my daily driver that had a tomato thrown at it by a homeless man (true story…). Point being, there are myriad times when a spot clean is needed on your ride.

Well Armor All, purveyors of all thing interior cleanliness, have just released their Ultra Shine Wash Wipes to solve just this problem. They sent me a pack to try out, and I’m telling you these wipes are the best thing to happen to the carwash since chamois. With a special formulation of cleaner and material to wipe clean your paint while being gentle, these wipes leave nothing – not dirt, not streaks – behind. The soft packet they come in is also perfect to stash in seat backs or cubby holes until needed. It’s almost like they really thought about this before they made them…

I tried them out on the Porsche project car, and the dusty paint is now shining bright and clear. I meant to just do the roof, but got so carried away that I ended up wiping down the whole car to really enjoy my new paint job. That also got me thinking that these Ultra Shine Wash Wipes would be perfect for areas under draught conditions where washing your car in your driveway is illegal or frowned upon. Open up a package of these bad boys and wash away car fanatics in Arizona! Or how about Uber or Lyft drivers needing to do a quick spruce-up between rides? Even the fastest drive through carwash or self wash takes precious time that wouldn’t be wasted if you can just jump out and wipe down just the offending areas. Pretty clever.

The Ultra Shine Wash Wipes  are just what the doctor ordered for the Porsche, and when Armor All reached out I jumped at the chance to check them out. Our project car is all shiny again (although missing wheels…) and I’m thoroughly pleased with this product. I already use Armor All on my leatherwork and dash, and now have no reason not to carry that over to the exterior of the car. You can pick these up at most auto parts stores near you to try them out yourselves.

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