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Popular Leather Accessories for Men

All manly and rugged men out there know that if there’s anything that embodies their fashion style, it’s any accessory made of leather. Leather accessories are everything a man wants because they are practical, sustainable, and simply divine. The great thing about leather is that while it looks rough and tough, it is actually smooth, sleek, and long-lasting. It has a strong impact on your personal style, which is why all the iconic men exude sophistication and confidence in a subtle, manly manner with the right leather touches. It’s time for you to join all the cool kids by acquainting yourself with the most popular leather accessories for men, including exquisite pieces from olpr Leather Goods Co.


These boots are made for walking, but leather boots are also sustainable, stylish, and suitable for any outfit. The reason why leather footwear is so popular among most men is that it looks fantastic and enhances their personal style. Whether you’re dressing up in a tuxedo or opting for a smart casual attire, leather boots are the ultimate touch that ties the whole outfit together nicely. Furthermore, they’re quite eye-catching and are likely to attract the attention of the ladies.


A wristwatch is a statement piece that should never be overlooked simply because we can now tell the time using our smartphones. No man should ever underestimate the appeal of an elegant watch and how it transforms your style. In specific, a leather watch has a greater appeal because it provides the perfect balance of class and ruggedness. It is not only pleasing to the eye but also matches better with a variety of clothing styles. Men tend to prefer leather watches over any other fabric as watches made out of stainless steel, ceramic or titanium have limited clothing options to be paired with and could probably make a man feel overdressed.


Most men can attest to the fact that a compact wallet is a man’s best friend – after dogs, of course. Despite the plethora of options, leather is still the go-to material for the perfect wallet for several reasons. First, they are waterproof, which is important since you have your wallet with you at all times. 

Also, a good leather wallet offers high resistance to staining and soiling, making it sturdy in all types of incidents. Lastly, leather wallets never go out of style, making them an ideal and perfect gift for any gentleman. One of the most popular types of wallets today is a handmade leather mens wallet. Many guys in the South are sporting it as they find it the most durable and practical accessory on-the-go. They also come in various aesthetic designs from traditional wallets to more fashionable styles such as long, slim, trifold, and cardholder wallets.


Every man needs a few belts to rely on, and to this day, men’s favorite fabric for belts is leather because it is easy to clean and matches well with all clothing material. Belts will always remain a popular accessory due to their flexibility and durability, and also because they reflect a man’s personal style. They also happen to make you and your clothes look even better. Belts not only keep your pants up, but they also ensure that your style is off the charts too! Make your outfit charismatic and charming with a classic brown or black leather belt to enhance your dress sense. 

Duffel Bags and Briefcases

It’s no secret that most men aren’t very fond of carrying bags, but a leather-made bag is a game-changer. More and more men are opting for duffel bags and briefcases that are made of leather. This is because leather briefcases allow you to look more professional while maintaining your individual style. Leather duffel bags are growing increasingly popular as they make even the most anti-bag carrying men a believer. You get to keep your casual, carefree style while adding a touch of suaveness with a leather bag. This way, you won’t have to compromise your personal tastes when heading to work. 


Winter is a great season to level-up your fashion style and the cold, brisk evenings should not hinder you from doing it. While many men aren’t big fans of gloves, leather gloves can always save the day. No matter where you’re headed, we can guarantee that a sleek pair of leather gloves will go with your outfit. Men find leather gloves slightly more sensible than other fabrics because they provide an easier grip when driving and keep your hands warm. 

When a man places his keychain on the table, 9 out of 10 times, it is made of leather. A leather keychain tends to grab the attention of others due to its unique and simple design. Moreover, it is more comfortable in your pocket, unlike the metal ones, and it always looks fashionable, making it a consistent, fan-favorite accessory among men. 


Leather never goes out of style because it offers a timeless elegance to any look. Choose classic leather accessories on this list and enjoy the influence that it can give on your style and confidence. With the right leather touches, any outfit can quickly transform from bleak to chic.