Packing for a Hunting Trip

Packing for a Hunting Trip: Here’s All You Need to Take

Packing for a hunting trip is usually a high-energy time. In only a few weeks or days even, you’ll be up at the camp, breathing in the fresh air, getting comfy in the bush, and connecting to your primitive ancestry in a way you can’t really explain to someone who doesn’t go hunting. This being said, it can also be a little on the stressful side if you don’t have everything organized and ready to go on time. What if you get out there and realize you forgot something really important? There’s no way you’re going to drive four hours back home again to pick up something small—you’re going to go without, and suddenly the whole trip is going to be a little less comfortable.

The following will break down the essentials that you need to bring if you’re packing for a hunting trip. Of course, every person and every hunting location is a little different. This list isn’t going to include things that you personally need, like medication or personal hygiene products. We will remind you to take your phone charger even if you don’t plan on using any devices. You can leave it in the car and charge your phone there if you need to get a hold of someone for any reason.

A Good Knife

If you’ve spent any time in the bush, you know a good knife can be a lifesaver. This item isn’t only for hunting, but everything else you’re going to encounter. There’s always something that needs to be cut, no matter the landscape or animal being hunted.

Coffee And Snacks

You might be out there for quite a while. If you’re someone who needs a cup of coffee (or five), make sure that you pack everything you need for that. Always bring more snacks than you think you need because, again, you might be out there for a while. When packing these items, make sure you have adequate storage for them. You might want to take packaged foods out of loud wrappers ahead of time and bring them in a silent-when-opened Tupperware container. Make sure you’re not bringing any foods that will attract bears. You might also want to be sure you’ve got a decent to-go mug that will keep your drinks warm (which, by extension, can help you stay warm).

Depending on where you’re going, you might also want to bring water when packing for a hunting trip. In many places, the spring or creek water is of excellent quality—if you’re heading somewhere like this, you can bring a water bottle that has a built-in filter and get your hydration right from the stream. Even if you have a stellar filter, make sure you only collect water from a body that is moving—no ponds, or the risk of bacteria might be too great for your system to handle.


Yes, a compass seems like an old-school tool, but there’s a reason humans have used this nifty device for so long. If you don’t know how to use a compass, spend a little time reading up on it online before you head out. It works no matter the weather and without needing to be charged up. It’s easy to lose focus on everything except for the animal you’re stalking or waiting for when hunting. This means it’s just as easy to wander off track into a neck of the woods you don’t recognize and only realize this a few hours later. 

Something To Start A Fire

Again, you might be out there for a while. A fire can make waiting around in the cold bearable. It can make cooking your dinner easy. In some cases, it can save your life.

Gun And Shells

This one should go without saying when packing for a hunting trip, but we all have that one friend that would forget something this crucial. This point is for them. Of course, if you’re a bow-hunter, you can take your bow instead. It’s always a good idea to have a bit more ammunition than you think you’ll need. You don’t want the trip to be cut short because you ran out. Beyond this, you might also want to bring anything you use to clean or care for your gun. 

Ensure you have any and all documentation you need for the gun you have and where you’re taking it. Every state and country is different in this regard, and the laws do change every so often, so brush up on what the rules are before you head out and make sure you’ve got everything you need to hunt legally.

With the items mentioned above, as well as clothing that is both weather-appropriate and suited for this hunting season, you’re well on your way to having an excellent hunting trip. Now all you’ll need is a bit of luck.