Five Simple, Iconic Halloween Costumes

I’m not sure the origin of Halloween, but I know what it has become: tacky New Year’s Eve. In my adult years I have found the two to be practically identical in frustration and disappointment. Both you have to dress up for, your friends want to go to special events for each, and if not that your usual bar is always more crowded. And without fail by the time you stumble home that night it’s always in a daze of disappointment and superhero costumes. However, I like to party and because of that every year, against my better judgment, I suck it up and head out on Halloween. If you’re like me and your #FOMO (am I doing that right?) has you going out this Halloween here are five iconic costumes you can create from items around the home, or easily acquired.

#5 Nightman, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Though not as iconic as the others on the list this is a favorite and one I’ve done before. A trip to a karate studio and you got yourself a black robe, but be warned they may not sell you a black belt. I was told it was too “sacred” and in turn wasn’t allowed to buy it, but now worries the robe ties and being all black the lack of belt went unnoticed. Slick your hair back, add some black eye makeup and be sure to pop the sleeves off and you’re the Nightman. Pro: Very easy, one stop shopping for everything you need. Con: Some douchebag may say you look like Adam Lambert.

#4 Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

You most likely don’t have a “decent” Hawaiian shirt or bucket hat for this, but most secondhand or vintage stores will. A quick trip by an army navy store for some shooting glasses completes the look. Pro: Allows for you to be as weird as you want. Con: Hawaiian shirts can be chilly.

#3 Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones

A little more work, but odds are good a leather jacket and Indy style hat can be found in the back of your closet, through friends or bought if need be. The khaki pants you should own, you’re an adult. No whip and unsure where to get one? Sub in any number of weapons from a gun to a sword or use a rubber snake to create the whip image while playing up his fear of snakes. Pro: A lot of props to play with. Con: A lot of props to acquire and then not lose.

#2 Patrick Bateman, American Psycho
Let’s face it, your jaw isn’t chiseled enough and your suit isn’t expensive enough to pull this off, but add the trademark clear rain jacket to any suit you own and you’re set. Pro: The rain jacket will protect you from spillage. Con: You will be asked a lot about Huey Lewis.

#1 Bruce Springsteen, Born in the U.S.A.

Jeans, white shirt, red cap in the back pocket and you’re transformed into the American icon. Pro: Bruce. Con: None.