Packing for a Hunting Trip

7 Top Pieces of Gear for a Beginner Hunter

 Whether you are old or young, it is hard to beat the excitement of your first hunting trip, but you also have to remember that these outdoor adventures require a bit of preparation in order for you to have the most fun. From deer to bow hunting, there is so much to learn and with that comes the importance of having the right equipment.

Before your hunt, making sure that you are prepared is the key to success, and while there are obvious items like your licence that you need to obtain first, there are various other things which are absolutely necessary.

This article is a guide to the 7 top pieces of gear for a beginner hunter.

1. Hunting Jacket and Suit

It can get very cold out on a hunt and so choosing the right hunting jacket and suit is the first important step when preparing for your first trip. Obviously, you don’t want to be spotted before the action begins, so a thick, camouflage jacket is must. Choose an option with lots of pocket space for all your accessories and you will be well set. With your hunting suit, look for a balance between look, fit and function to give yourself the best chance of success.  

2. Hunting Boots

Having to deal with different terrains is a big aspect of hunting, and if you do not take the conditions into consideration, you will have a very difficult time. Your specialized boots may not look the best in terms of fashion, but when it comes to function, choosing the right pair is vital. The best option will depend on the type of terrain, but in general, go for boots that are thick in sole, light in weight and sturdy but flexible. Some harsh conditions will require thicker, water-proof boots, but whatever the case, go to a professional store and ask the experienced hunters what they recommend.

3. Rangefinder

As well as the right clothing, there is various equipment that is needed for a successful hunt, and one of the most important is a rangefinder. The experts at explain that when it comes to choosing a rangefinder, spare no expense, because if you want to make your shots count, you have to know the range of your target. Make sure to choose one that is specialized for hunting so that it can withstand a bit of abuse; take your time to choose a rangefinder with the best functions to get your money’s worth. You can install a rangefinder app on your phone but a quality rangefinder is an investment which will last you throughout your whole hunting career.

4. A Hunting Knife

A quality knife is a staple piece of equipment for any hunting adventure. As well as the style of the blade, there are other important factors that you will have to take into consideration before making a purchase; from the type of material to the sharpness and durability. Whether you need a knife to cut through bone, prepare meat; or cut ropes and knots for setting up camp, choose a knife that is easy to carry, and which requires the least amount of maintenance.

5. A Camouflage Backpack

Being the number one companion on a hunt, a spacious, sturdy backpack is a staple for outdoor adventures. Make sure that yours has ample space for all of your essentials, but is light enough that it doesn’t weigh you down. The best backpacks are durable with adjustable straps and rope loops. A camouflage backpack will ensure that you stay well hidden and don’t scare away your target before you get the chance to shoot. 

6. A First Aid Kit

This is a very important piece of equipment because there are various injuries which can be sustained whilst hunting. Take your time to prepare bandages, pain relievers, and blister pads for the upcoming hunting season, and keep them all in a robust, waterproof container. Make sure that you check the expiration date on medications each time you go out to ensure that they are safe to use.

7. Food and Water

Hunting is hungry, thirsty work and so it is vital that you prepare enough supplies for your trip. Start planning your food and water well in advance and ensure that you have enough calories and hydration to keep you going. Try to maximize your calories per ounce with special freeze dried meals that are specially designed for hunters.

As the summer is coming to a close, it is the perfect time to pack up your gear and plan a hunting trip. Being well prepared is key to being successful, especially for beginners. Stick with these fundamental items, and you will have the best chance of having a great first hunt.