Drivin’ L.A. with Andrew Chen: Lamborghini Newport Beach Supercar Show

Every weekend in L.A., there’s at least one car show or meet-up taking place, featuring a variety of vehicles to satisfy all types of tastes and preferences.

But when it comes to a gathering of exotics and ultra-rare sports cars, no one does it better than Lamborghini Newport Beach and its monthly Supercar Show!

On the first Saturday of every month, millions of dollars worth of cars gather in the dealership’s parking lot for a morning of fun and friends.

Sure, there are many supercar gatherings all over Los Angeles, but because these meets happen so early in the morning and are often quite far away from my home, it’s a commitment to get out there as a spectator. So when I do wake up at the crack of dawn and make the hour+ drive, I want a guarantee that there will be awesome cars to pore over — and Lamborghini Newport Beach always delivers!

If you ever hear about a new and exclusive car being delivered in L.A., like the Lamborghini Centenario or McLaren 720S, you’ll usually see it at the very next Supercar Show. It’s an awesome way to hear and experience the glory of these cars in person, as well as chat with the owners about their first impressions.

Sometimes, you might even run into a very special member of the automotive community — I once saw Christian von Koenigsegg!

To get more details, directions, and parking info for the monthly Supercar Show, visit Lamborghini Newport Beach’s official website.

Check out this month’s highlights below:

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