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The rugged open road

What could be better than chipping in with a few mates, jumping in the car, and driving off into the sunset? It’s top of anyone’s bucket list. Route 66, London to Paris, The Grand Canyon, there are destinations worldwide, but if you’re looking to buy the wheels to get you there, better go used. 

Whether you go for new or used it’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime.You can find a dream list of top road trip models here, but if you’d prefer to be more practical going second hand can often be preferable. Opting for a used vehicle obviously carries its own risks as well as benefits and it’s advisable to think about it carefully. The first thing to do is to take a step back and pause, try to buy with your head, don’t let your eyes be bigger than your belly. When buying a used car, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself a checklist beforehand. 

Why go used? 

The advantages of buying used cars are numerous. Unfortunately, pretty much most cars go down in value and by taking into consideration this depreciation, you will end up getting your money’s worth with a used car, rather than opting for a new model as an unrealistic investment. Your insurance costs will also be as low as the value of the car, and this is something to consider as well. Variety is definitely the spice here as the range is limitless, and each one will have been reviewed and compared to its counter model. This lowers your risk factor, along with the fact that most used cars come with a full history report.

What to look out for?

Take a look at the heart and lungs of the vehicle, check the engine and oil particularly for leaks, and also the exhaust. Make sure the gearbox, brakes and clutch are all working normally, the best and most enjoyable way to do this is by giving it a test drive. With any vehicles with a mileage of 20,000 or less, you’d expect the interior to be in a near new condition so keep an eye out for this. Have a play with any lights or electronic controls inside. Last but not least test the wheels and tyres, including the spare, for any punctures and general wear and tear. For those less savvy in mechanics, you can find easy to follow instructions online.

Even though you’re fearlessly driving into the unknown, avoid risks at all costs. Ensure that whatever you buy has full documentation including vehicle inspection and history report. You’ll need to make the choice between a car dealership or buying from a private owner. Playing it safe, it’s better to go with a dealer, this will give you more legal rights. Buy online from companies such as Carstock. With a range of new and used vehicles you’ll get a trustworthy comparison. For those selling they also offer a service to find the best deal for your current vehicle.