Sandwiches Cooking Tips

Types of Sandwiches You Can Make at Home

A sandwich is a type of food that is popular in many parts of the world but especially so in the United States. There are many types of from every corner of the planet.

If you can put some sort of stuffing in between two slices of bread, then it can be considered a sandwich. What is in between the two pieces of bread is what differentiates types from each other.

There are simple versions that pretty much anyone can make and there are complex ones that require some skill to prepare. The following are the types of sandos you can make at home.

Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich is an incredible meal that is often eaten for breakfast. As the name suggests, it includes chicken meat.

The chicken sando typically has chicken bits within it surrounded by a lot of cheese. The combination gives it incredible taste as well as touch quality.

You can include many other things in your chicken sando. You can add vegetables like lettuce to make it a healthy meal.

Egg Sandwich

Eggs are one of the easiest meals to prepare which makes the egg sandwich one of the easiest meals to make at home. Making an egg sandwich will offer a welcome alternative to the many other forms of eggs you normally eat which can get boring after a while.

The egg sando includes deep-fried or scrambled eggs with cheese. You can also include tomatoes and vegetables to make it healthier and tastier if you so please.

Fish Sandwich

Fishes are healthy foods that are very rich in protein and omega fatty acids. However, many people eat fish as stand-alone meals and not as part of a sandwich. 

Instead of having the same boiled fish every day, you may decide to make a fish sando at home for breakfast or as a snack. You can include some fried fish as well as cheese and any spice you want.

Hot Dogs

Though not normally considered so, a hot dog is a type of sandwich. It definitely fits into the classic definition given above. The only difference is that hot dogs use buns instead of bread slices.

A hot dog is as tasty a sandwich as you will find on this list. Hot dogs have a very rich history and contain a low number of calories. What you include in the hot dog will determine how tasty it is.

Hot dogs can be eaten using various toppings such as mustard and ketchup which you can’t do with other sandwiches. Moreover, they are very easy to make at home.

Grilled Cheese

Most people love their cheese and the grilled cheese sandwich is a testament to that love. The difference between a grilled cheese and other types of sandos is that the former uses grilled cheese instead of normal cheese.

Therefore, you can use other ingredients such as meat as long as it includes grilled cheese. You will have to grill the cheese but other than that, it is very easy to make a grilled cheese at home.

Ham Sandwich

Hams are very popular especially in the US, and they are also very rich in protein. Most people eat ham as part of a meal and not a sandwich.

However, the ham sando is a tasty alternative that you should definitely try. It includes fried ham and cheese. You can also include a variety of condiments in the sando to make it tastier and veggies to make it healthier.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Sandwiches are not limited to the meat and cheese that you will typically find. The ice cream sandwich is one that breaks the mold.

The difference between an ice cream sandwich and other types is that it has ice cream instead of the typical spicy stuffing you will find in other sandos.

You can also include dried fruits in it to make it healthier. It is a perfect sandwich to eat as a desert.

Meatball Sandwich

The meatball sandwich is another type of sandwich that has meat stuffing. However, the meat is in the form of balls and is served in buns like a hot dog as opposed to sliced bread.

You can include fried meatballs, cheese, vegetables, and other condiments to make it scrumptious. 

As you can tell, a sandwich depends on what you put inside it. There are several other types of sandwiches, but the ones above are the main types. They are also the easiest ones to make at home. However, if you have great cooking skills, you should experiment with different stuffing.