Let’s Talk Real Coffee

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alumbre Coffee for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We can’t live without it. That black, natural gold that powers us every day and night. Delivering all the energy we need to get that boost for the next hill, the dark color, and deep aroma is just what we need. It’s everywhere too, from the local shop to the national chains on every corner.

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In a past life, before the cars, tech, and travel, I was a coffee roaster for a small, local shop that has since closed its doors. While working for the master roaster, I learned more about coffee than I ever thought possible, from roasting temperatures, blending, cupping, fermentation, bean aging, and the now-obvious regional differences. I developed a taste for well-made coffee, but was often forced to accept sub-par, mass produced blends that lacked personality. Yes, they had the elements of coffee, but none of those nuances that made each bean unique. And if you are going to treat your coffee like a mass-produced product, then you might as well be using sub-par practices as nothing saves those beans from that sad fate.

I accepted that dark, tasteless fate. I missed the old ways. And so have you as you sit in your chain store, drinking your something-or-another-blended-whatchamathing. When is the last time you tasted…truly tasted coffee?

That’s where craft, exclusive roasters like Alumbre Coffee are stepping up, meeting that want and desire to have something more to our morning than a boring cup of joe. Named after the Alumbre River, which flows from the Tarrazu region through one of the world’s most exclusive coffee-producing regions. The brand first planted its coffee in 1968 near the beautiful Alumbre, and it has become a symbol for the company and its superior quality. The roaster providing ultra-premium coffee, they are focusing on sustainability in their farms while investing heavily into the communities, environment, and people who work for them.

This is a big step from the standard, available-everywhere chains, with Alumbre’ commitment all around. Not only is all weed cleaning done by hand, but they have also invested over $100,000 into local schools in Colombia.

We could go on, talking about the incredible benefits the employees all receive, the no-cost dental and medical care clinics for the employees of Costa Rica, but the point is clear – with counter-boring coffee are companies like Alumbre that are rising above the norms to provide more than coffee but a true living and investment into the future of their market.

Trust me when I say the investment is worth it when it comes to flavor and taste. My favorites have always been single origins, and Alumbre’s Ethiopian and Costa Rica roasts have hit that spot I’ve been missing with bright flavors that open up on the tongue while hitting the smooth, roasted tones I love in coffee. Each bean is hand roasted to just the right degree of perfection. Truly an artisan coffee. Think about that the next time you go in and spend an arm and a leg for a basic, mass-produced bag of coffee from the next big chain, or as you sip your overpriced coffee milkshake. What has that company done for not only their people but their natural source of product?

Vote with your conscience. Sign up. Vote with your wallet. Enjoy the taste.

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