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Personalized Acne Treatment Plans Are Becoming a New Trend

When it comes to finding the right acne treatment, there are dozens of different products out there, and they’re not all created equal. This makes sense since there are so many factors like hygiene, hormones, and genetics that can both lead to or at least help develop this sort of skin condition. From acne washes to creams and spot treatments it is impossible to tell which products are truly the best acne treatment. And the fact that we’re living in the age of modern technology and still dealing with acne as the number one skin condition in the world is quite frustrating by itself.

What is Acne and What Causes It?

Acne is a persistent skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged either with oil or/and dead skin cells. It usually appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back, and shoulders in a form of what we know as whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. It is most common among teenagers, though it affects people of all ages, even in their fifties. The pimples and bumps heal very slowly, and even when one begins to go away, others seem to show up and it goes around in circles forever. Depending on its severity, acne can leave scars on the skin and cause quite a bit of emotional stress, especially among younger people. Since everybody’s skin is different, the severity of this condition mainly depends on the skin type. 

Types of Acne Treatments

The treatments that are commonly used work to exfoliate dead skin cells, stop inflammation, suck up excess oil, kill the bacteria, or target hormonal acne specifically. Regarding that, there are a few common types of treatments used for handling acne. First and most common is a topical acne treatment. Some work by killing bacteria that cause acne while others get rid of acne by decreasing oil in the skin. The ingredients may include retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, or salicylic acid. The other treatment type is oral acne treatment. These medications work internally and come in different forms such as antibiotics (used to kill bacteria and decrease inflammation), isotretinoin (commonly referred to as Accutane), and birth control pills (which help with hormonal acne).

Personalized Acne Treatments

Everybody agrees on the fact that everyone has a different and unique skin type, which is why having a personal regimen for your skin is the secret to winning the battle against acne. Also, everyone who ever fought acne knows that skincare products may sometimes be too strong, irritating, and drying, causing your skin to overproduce oil, which leads to more acne. Picking the wrong active ingredients may have either no effect or show some side effects. Using the right regimen for your acne type and skin tolerance can most effectively clear acne while still keeping your skin healthy and balanced. Many skincare companies have started to use this approach lately, and they have been professionally reviewed. In case you are interested in more insights you can view here and read more about the pros and cons of this acne treatment approach, how different cliniques compare to each other, and get a real picture of how it all looks like.

How Does it Work?

Taking into consideration your age, skin type, stress level, living environment, and other factors, artificial intelligence helps to identify the best skincare regimen for you. As with any other acne treatment, your skin will slowly begin to improve, but the main difference is – as your skin improves, your regimen also changes so it can keep up with your skin needs. So it is clear that each individual product has to be different and unique. Each one is designed to do a few of the already mentioned things such as unclog pores, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, remove dead skin cells, clarifies and soothes the skin. The combination of the ingredients included in your skincare product is specifically customized for your own skin needs.

What Should You Know Before Getting Personalized Acne Treatment?

Since it is a long-term condition that may still never be cured it requires ongoing, consistent treatment until your skin chemistry changes, and maybe even after that. It is very important to get familiar with the ingredients that might be used in your individualized product. In most cases, your product will include some kind of antibiotics, usually clindamycin. The same goes for niacinamide (also known as Vitamin B3), Accutane (or tretinoin), Azelaic and Tranexamic acid, and other chemicals that are proven efficient in fighting different types of acne in various aspects. However, these are all potent ingredients, and therefore it is crucial to have a dermatologist oversee your treatment.  As well as each of the components by itself your product can cause some side effects. However, creating something unique, considering different aspects of your health and lifestyle is minimizing the potentially bad effects it can have on your overall health.

One of the most impressive things about modern shopping is how easy it is to get something custom-made, and that started applying to skincare products. It started with custom lipstick and nail polish shades but has been recently extending to medical treatments as well.  The people who started these companies aren’t beauty-industry veterans or celebrities, but engineers and tech-industry researchers, having us all believe that the future of skincare is going to be determined by yet another algorithm, via artificial intelligence. There are even mobile apps available that calculate your ideal acne treatment medication cocktail. They need you to answer a series of questions about your age, skin type, and skin concerns, as well as those related to diet and lifestyle, and based on your answers, the AI creates the perfect combination for your personalized product.

Skin health is one of the greatest concerns, mainly among teenagers, but also the grownups even after their thirties. Acne is problem number one in this field, and finding the most effective treatment has always been one of the most important subjects. And even if there are so many consumers who appreciate the skin-care market’s wealth of options, there’s without a doubt an allure to having a custom treatment, because it opens up the possibility of getting rid of acne for good.