Pelican Products: Worry-Free Transport

Traveling with equipment is never easy. It’s even more difficult when expensive cameras and firearms are involved. Factoring in the mode of transportation, the departure/arrival weather, and typical abuse the trip delivers should all be considered. With all that in mind, Pelican Products protect, no matter the situation.

Pelican Products, for good reason, is one of the biggest names in the business with regards to equipment case protection and safety. Not only is gear protected from drops and knocks, it’s also aided by a waterproof seal and an altitude pressure valve. This assistance can assure you the uninterrupted continuation of a carefully planned trip.

This past winter I made a trip to Arizona for a short vacation and hunting venture. My travels took me by air from Detroit to Phoenix. Not knowing the first-hand quality of Pelican, I was a little uneasy when my window seat yielded an upfront show to a baggage handler grabbing the two oversized handles and tossing, literally throwing, my case on to the conveyor belt. As the plane began its pre-flight checks before take-off, I settled in for a long flight hoping the high dollar value of molded hard plastic would perform as stated.

Upon arrival, I anxiously awaited the deposit of my gear. Much to my surprise, the long black case looked the same as it had before the flight, save for a slight chip in the raised plastic structure. No worries. After settling in at my week-long accommodations, a more thorough inspection revealed that there wasn’t any damage to the foam-cushioned contents either. I was relieved and ready to begin my vacation.

Though I mention a vacation, it wasn’t traditional and didn’t involve pool-side relaxation. This trip would feature camping, hunting and a few road trips traversing highways and rutted trails. A stop at a nearby outdoor shooting range was the preface to a deep woods hunting trek located two hours away in a colder, more northern city, Flagstaff. If you’re unaware, this city, at least the surrounding area, is much more rugged than Phoenix. Sagebrush and pine trees define the vegetation. Red jagged rocks litter every trail. Dusty, uneven conditions make for challenging commutes by foot. I had every expectation that the small case wheels would grind to a halt after a few days of casing/un-casing but as you can guess – they survived.

After getting dropped off at Sky Harbor International airport, I secured the case with keyed locks and began the (rather quick, actually) ‘check-in with a firearm’ process. These are the types of instances that create brand loyalty. A product performing as advertised while delivering its contents to and from without harm creates a happy, worry-free customer.