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Keep You And Your Family Healthy During The Epidemic

Keeping you and your family fit and healthy during business as usual is hard enough. Doing it under lockdown during one of the most dangerous epidemics of recent times is even harder. Yet, it can be done. You just need to persevere and put into plan a dedicated regimen which everyone can follow. It’s also important to go your own way and do your own thing. What you need for fitness might not be the same as what the others need. However you track your fitness and your goals, it’s only you who can ensure they stay on track. If you have younger children, this can quickly become quite overpowering. These tips can help you. You might have already implemented some of them, or at least tried. Give the other ones a go and see if they work for you. If not, at least they can help you start thinking in the right way about fitness and your family’s health.

Get The Diet Right

When you’re all at home it’s so easy to slip into bad eating habits. When you’re working from home it’s so simple to just keep grabbing snacks from the kitchen. With children it becomes even harder because you have to monitor them too. Try to implement five items of fruit or vegetable a day, for everyone. This is easier than you think when you consider juices, meal portions, etc. Once it is ingrained it’ll become second nature for everyone. If you’re on a serious fitness regimen you could look at Fuel Station, or think about certain types of food you have to eat to aid in your recovery, or to give you more energy. Whatever you’re doing, just keep an eye on what people are eating. Keep it varied and balanced, but also keep it fun and fair.

Get Into An Exercise Routine

Being in a routine makes things much easier for everyone. Especially children. If you do exercise at random times each day it’s much easier to get out of it and do something else. If you keep a clear routine then you’ll be able to manage it far easier. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do either. In fact, you can vary this each day. You’ll just have an easier time if you concentrate on doing things at a particular time in the day or week. 

Try A Morning Workout Together

Get it done out of the way and early so that everyone can enjoy the rest of their day. If you’re doing this as a family there are a lot of early morning workouts on the TV at the moment so you can follow the instructor. If there isn’t, you can easily find something on YouTube to follow along to. You can devise your own if you know how. Again, following the above advice try to keep this occuring at the same time every day, and have a couple of rest days a week too. Fitness levels may vary, if you’re following an advanced class you might need to tone it down a bit if you have children partaking or people only just starting out on their fitness journey.

Try A Bike Ride

It’s a way to stay fit and to get out in the fresh air. This might be limited by lockdown restrictions in your area so it’s worth checking just to be sure. It’s a great family activity which does well in breaking up the day. There is a prohibitive cost if you or your family don’t already have bikes. You also need to think about the storage implications. Especially if you don’t have a garage. Plan out your route beforehand to make sure that it is safe. As you become more proficient and get fitter you can plan more challenging routes such as more uphill sections etc. 

Start Easy

If you’re struggling to get into any of these, then try and start easy. Go for a walk a day. They don’t have to be for very long either. Start with a leisurely stroll, then progress to moving a little faster. You can start off doing a small route, and push this a bit as you become more confident. Not only is it a great way to start increasing your physical capabilities and health, but it’s also brilliant for your mental health. Staying in all day isn’t good for anyone. Even if you’re working at home or having to undertake home based tasks. You should always strive to get out at least once so long as it is in accordance with your area’s lockdown rules.