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6 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Fitness Tracker

The popularity and wearing of a fitness tracker in recent years have exploded in recent years, with almost anyone with more than a fleeting interest in fitness wearing one. Unlike pedometers of the past, which only counted the number of steps a person took each day – and not very accurately, may we add, these more modern ones measure and record a whole host of useful information.

If you are on the few people that need persuading, here are a few reasons why you should invest in a fitness tracker.

1. Fitness trackers give you a baseline.

If you wear a tracker, such as the Atlas Wearables fitness tracker, while you go about your usual day to day routine, you’ll build up a picture of what your typical physical activity is. From there, you will begin to understand the number of calories you burn or need to consume each day, whether you’re getting enough exercise and even whether you are getting a decent amount of quality sleep. This ‘bigger picture’ data will allow you to set realistic and manageable goals for your fitness journey.

2.  You can use them hold yourself accountable

Wearing one on your wrist is not going to make you magically get up and go to the gym or go for that run, but you may find that it helps a great deal. It gives you real-time stats and information, and there is no way of cheating it. If you want to see it an improvement in your levels of fitness, you need to get up and be proactive, and seeing your stats drop can be a huge factor in motivating you.

3. Fitness trackers can help you to monitor your sleep

Most up to date fitness trackers will monitor your sleep and analyze it to help you see whether you are getting enough of it.  They can usually work out your patterns of light and deep sleep through movement and heart rate and periods of restlessness. Having a better understanding of your sleep patterns will help you to plan better workouts and improve your day to day life as you are less likely to be tired!

4.  Fitness Trackers can help you to set daily goals

One of the most effective ways of using a fitness tracker is to use it to create goals. You will be able to check in at various points of the day or during your workout to see if you are on track to meet those goals, or whether you need to up the ante a little. Many people who set a certain amount of steps as a goal find themselves marching on the spot or around their living room just before bed to make sure they hit their target. You can turn on notifications and alert that set off an alarm, vibrate or even call and text you if you haven’t moved for a certain amount of time. – handy if you get sucked into the latest boxset on Netflix! If you do set goals, make sure they are realistic – there is very little point in saying you will do 20,000 steps a day if on a typical day you only manage 6000 step. Increase goals slowly but regularly for maximum results.

5. Fitness trackers can help you be a part of a community

Getting fit and maintaining fitness is a lot easier and more interesting if you do it alongside other people. For one, it is good to have someone to talk to and get advice from if you are struggling, but it is also a lot harder to let someone else down! Most fitness trackers have some sort of app or chatroom, and some even have official (and unofficial!) Facebook support groups. You can share and discuss your results online with friends and fellow fitness fanatics as an added form of motivation and support.

6. Fitness trackers can measure your heart rate

Not every fitness trackers can do this, but ones at the higher end of the market can do this. Before you rely on it for accurateness, especially if you do suffer any health conditions that make monitoring your heart rate essential, check with your doctor. However, on a more general day to day basis, it gives you a good idea of your heart rate and whether your workout or training routine is working for you.

Your fitness tracker is not going to make you fit, but if used correctly, it will enhance and inform your workout regime and your daily life.