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6 Shaving Tips Every Man Should Know

When it comes to the seemingly simple task of shaving, some men might have difficulties achieving their desired results without any razor burn or irritation.  With just a few tips, you can get that clean-shaven feel without any issues. 

Shaving is part of regular good hygienic practices, you can explore limitless styles and trends to try and get that look you want. Depending on what that desired look is, you might require implementing some form of facial grooming to keep you looking your best. By exploring different styles, and implementing some perhaps new methods into your routine, you will assuredly get that look you want without any unpleasant side effects. After you decide what your finished image will be, use that template and it’s time to start the process. 


Before you begin your regular shaving routine, you want to ensure that the razor you are going to use has no wear and tear and is sharp and ready for action. Using a dull or damaged razor can cause tears and cuts, leaving your skin damaged and irritated. With many varieties of razors available, some offering long-lasting sharp blades, you should have no trouble finding the right one for you. When it comes to electric razors for elderly men, you can browse plenty of detailed options and information that can further enhance your experience. With many types offering almost endless enhancements. It will come down to personal preference. As we age our skin loses its softness and durability. By carrying out these tips, your skin will have a better chance of staying subtle and retaining its elasticity. 

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Begin With Plenty of Lather

Whether you use shaving gel or cream, ensure you have applied plenty to keep your skin hydrated through the process, mixing with warm water to soften hair and open your pores. On more sensitive areas like around your mouth and under the nose, use a thicker amount to allow the skin to absorb and replenish your natural oils. 

Start by using light gentle strokes in the direction of your natural hair growth. Rinsing the razor thoroughly after every stroke, keeping the blade clean causes much less friction. Reducing your chances of razor burn significantly. Saving the more sensitive areas for last allows deep penetration from the moisturizer. 


Before rinsing any remaining gel off your freshly shaven face, use a grooming tool designed for those hard-to-reach places. Giving a quick touchup to all those pesky nose or ear hairs, or trimming a long mustache or beard. Once completed you can give your face a fresh rinse of cool water to close back up your pores and give you a refreshing feeling. 

Post Shave 

Using a soft towel gently pat dry your skin dry, careful not to rub or use any pressure. While skin is in this sensitive state any abrasive action could bring on a fast irritable reaction. Using a quality aftershave or moisturizer, apply liberally to your freshly shaven area. Adding a little extra to those sensitive spots will replenish any hydration your skin could be lacking. This gives your skin an added softness. While repairing any natural oils lost in the process. 

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Ensure your razor is properly cleaned and contains no residual debris from your shave. Rinsing several times and shaking off any excess water. Store your razor out of high humidity areas and in the upright position will reduce the possibility of oxidation on the blade. Further extending its longevity. 

Any Issues? 

There are several reasons reactions can occur during or after the shaving process. Using techniques like dry shaving is not recommended. When hair is dry it tends to have a thicker and less pliable nature, resulting in more strokes required to remove the hair. Further increasing the possibility of cuts or abrasions. Supposing you have used the appropriate gels and still suffered an irritable rash on your skin. You might be pressing too hard or using too many strokes. By reducing pressure and applying a thick moisturizing shaving aid you greatly lower your chances of causing yourself any inflammation. 

With limitless types of razors available you can narrow down your selection by browsing all the features available online. The right razor does make the difference, with many kinds now offering blade lives lasting 5 or more years with proper storage and cleaning. Bluetooth capabilities and even grooming attachments. Selecting the right razor for you could enhance your experience. That doesn’t mean overlooking the needed creams and moisturizers. With plenty of specially formulated blends, you will surely find the perfect one to give you that smooth, irritation-free shave.