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Important Things You Need To Do Right After Getting Injured At Work

Workplace injuries are common, and they can occur to anyone. When you are hurt at work, there are different measures that you should take to protect your legal rights. It is disheartening to receive a letter of denial from your employer or workers’ compensation insurance. Read on to learn the important things that you need to do after getting injured at work. 

Report The Accident

Soon after a workplace incident, you must report to your immediate supervisor. The employer or worker’s compensation insurance company can deny claims if the injury is not properly reported. You must not wait for the pain to subside since this can affect your compensation claim. It is imperative to inform your employer and also state how it happened. Your employer should ask you to complete an accident report, and you must fully explain everything. Make sure you request the incident form if your employer does not give you one soon after the accident.   

Get Medical Treatment

You need to get medical treatment after a workplace injury. Some injuries may take time to manifest but as a rule of thumb, seek immediate medical care after an accident. You need to visit the nearest emergency room or health care provider. After that, you must visit a doctor within the employer’s network. If you want to see your preferred doctor out of the network, inform the employer first. 

It is essential to inform your doctor that you have been injured at work. If your medical report does not state the occurrence of an accident at work, the compensation insurance company is likely to deny your claim. Be sure to thoroughly explain to your doctor all your injuries and keep all documentation related to your treatment. 

Under normal circumstances, if you are hurt at work, all you need to do is to fill the workers’ compensation insurance claim form and receive medication and lost wages. However, getting full benefits if you are hurt on the job might not be that simple since the employer can deny your claim for various reasons. For this reason, you can consider enlisting the services of a compensation lawyer. Professional attorneys at Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C. explain that an experienced attorney can protect your legal rights in many ways since they have experience in handling similar cases. Your lawyer will help you complete and file workplace injury forms. They can also deal with the workers’ compensation insurance company and ensure that you get proper treatment.   

Document Everything

It is vital to document everything after an accident at work since you can use the details to support your worker’s compensation claim. You should write a diary of everything you  remember. You need to include a short description of what transpired and the exact date of your injury. Give your employer this statement soon after the incident and keep a copy for yourself. If possible, you can take photos of your injuries and other important features around the accident scene.  

File a Claim

You should file your workers’ compensation claim for benefits soon after your accident. It is vital to understand the statute of limitation in your state to avoid missing the deadline. In most states, you must file your claim within two years of injury to be eligible for the benefits. Make sure that you seek legal advice from your attorney to ensure that you do the right thing. However, if you have appropriate knowledge and confidence, you can file the claim without hiring a lawyer.

Keep Pertinent Records

You must keep all medical records including out-of-pocket expenses and missed workdays so that you get full workers’ compensation. Compensation laws allow the injured worker to receive wage replacement for the first seven days of missed work. You will also be entitled to get travel expenses and any other cost incurred while seeking medical treatment for your work-related injuries. Before you get these benefits, you must have proper documentation to support your claim. 

If you are injured at work, you may qualify to get workers’ compensation benefits depending on the severity of the injuries. Compensation aims to cover lost wages and help you recover medical expenses. To get the benefits that you deserve, you must report the workplace incident to the employer and seek medical care. You must document all the necessary details that you can use to support your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Remember to keep all the records, you will need them when you file a claim. It is also a good idea to seek legal advice to improve your chances of getting full compensation.