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Different Methods of Brewing Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts are always looking for different ways of brewing coffee. The basic things you need to make coffee are ground coffee, filter, and water. However, there are many factors that make the finished product different. These variables include texture, filter material, brewing process, and tips for grind size. This article explains various methods of brewing coffee in an easy way:

Pour-Over Method

The pour-over method makes coffee with a smooth texture which is a little bit like tea and somewhat juicy. To make this brew, use a paper filter that gives a clarified mouthfeel because it prevents any oil or undissolved coffee particles from getting into your final cup. Use the blue bottle dripper that is specially designed for this to make the extraction bring out the best flavor. You can choose the grind size about the same as the coarseness of sea salt.

Cold Brew

The cold brew coffee is refreshing with a silky texture. You simply immerse ground coffee in water at room temperature for approximately 12 hours, then pour through a filter. You can use cold coffee concentrates, which makes the brewing process simpler and saves you time. However, as some reviews on Craving Cold Brew explain, you need to dilute the cold brew concentrate because it is quite potent. Generally, a 1:1 ratio of concentrate and water would work. The technique for cold brew is quite easy. The grind size you use should be medium-find. The result you may get may be a chocolaty and rich or somewhat fruity profile, depending on the type of coffee you use.

French Press Method

The french press method gives a final cup of heavier and denser coffee than pour-over brew. It is an immersion brew technique, which means that the coffee grounds will be immersed in the ware. Then, they are strained using a metal filter. The metal filter will allow oils and undissolved coffee particles in the final cup. The grind size will be medium, similar to coarse black pepper. The best thing about the french press other than the amazing brew is that it doubles as a carafe which is available in various sizes.

Siphon Method

The siphon method is a little tricky, however, it gives a tea-like texture. It uses immersion, heat, and vacuum. The whole machine is made of glass. You pour water at the bottom of the siphon machine. A flame will bring the water to a boil, and it will heat until the water percolates upwards. When the water reaches the set temperature, add the coffee grounds to the water. Stir and then remove the machine from the heat. Doing so will bring the coffee down through the filter to the bulb. You will use medium grind size, almost like table size. The siphon method of brewing is a little complicated, however, if you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ll easily learn it.

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Brewing coffee is a satisfying art, albeit a bit challenging. Each and every brewing method produces a unique brew. If you’re a hobbyist, you should try a few of the methods provided above. However, remember to be patient, as you may not get the same taste as your favorite cafe-made brew. It is mostly in the brewing style than the other factors, you’ll need lots of practice before you can make that perfect brew.