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How To Relieve Back Pain

Whether it’s something you’ve had for a while or is brand new thanks to an accident that required you to contact the passionate advocates for the injured at Friedman & Simon, back pain can be a real downer. And it’s a problem that practically everyone has to deal with at some point. It could be due to existing or new injuries, to the natural deterioration of aging, or to poor posture at work. Although this is a very common issue, that doesn’t mean that everyone is aware of how to solve it.

There are, however, effective methods available for alleviating back pain, if not eliminating it entirely. Here are a few alternatives to medicating the discomfort or trying to ignore it altogether.

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Sleep Right 

Even if you’re comfortable in bed, that doesn’t mean you’re doing the proper thing for your back. You might fall asleep peacefully, but when you wake up, your back might scream for help. You need to break these bad sleeping habits as soon as possible if you want to sleep well and feel refreshed when you wake up. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes. What kind of bad habits are these? Well, one is sleeping on your front with your head turned to the side. That hurts your neck because it’s twisted in a way that’s not natural, and you have to do it for a long time. The pain in your neck then moves down your spine, making everything hurt all at once. Anything that involves more than one pillow is also not a good way to sleep. Again, your neck will be twisted in an odd way. One pillow should be enough. If it’s too soft, buy a firmer one instead of adding more soft ones.

If you lie on your back at night, your spine and back will be happy. Yes, it might make you snore, but it’s better to snore than be in pain. If you can’t get yourself to lie flat, you can almost do as well by lying on your side.

Have A Strong Core 

Of course, you know about your core, and you know it can be strengthened, but did you realize that doing so can significantly lessen or even eliminate back pain? The more powerful your abdominal muscles are, the more securely your spine can be held. When it comes to relaxation and pain relief, proper posture is just as important as any other factor, and this will help you keep it.

However, you shouldn’t jump into an exercise program or a gym session without first doing some research to make sure it’s safe and effective for you. To be absolutely certain that you are doing the right thing, it is better to enroll in a class that focuses specifically on core strengthening.


A back problem can be avoided, and the discomfort it causes can be mitigated with regular massage therapy. As a result of the muscles in the back relaxing and loosening up, the spine is less likely to become rigid and cause pain.

If you get a massage often, you’ll be considerably more flexible and less prone to back pain. Massage might help relieve discomfort if you’re already feeling it. It’s a great, all-natural remedy for easing pain.