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How to Use Bonuses and Promotions to Enhance Your Online Gambling Experience

You don’t have to use your own money for gambling. Unfortunately, most gamblers are completely unaware of this. Did you know that you can use bonuses and promotions to play instead? Using your own money to play tends to be much quicker than using bonuses and promotions but at the same time it puts you at a higher chance of losing out; losing a bonus means nothing in the grand scheme of things but losing your own money could have negative implications on the quality of your life.

This post will explore this topic in more detail, explaining how you can use bonuses and promotions to enhance your gambling experience:

Bonus Offers

Before explaining how you can use bonuses to have a better time gambling it’s first necessary to explain what bonuses really are. In simple terms, casino bonuses are monetary payments made to gamblers by casinos to get them to start spending; by getting them spending they hope that players will lose all of their bonus money and begin using their own. Bonus offers are therefore a way for casinos to profit off of reluctant people’s inclination to gamble.

There are many different types of bonuses on offer from free spins to cash bonuses. If you’re interested in free spins then find online casinos with slot games so you can play. Slots are most people’s favourite casino games as they are easy to play and not especially complex. Make sure that you research a game’s odds before playing even if you are experienced. If a game’s programmed odds are not in your favour then no matter how good you are in all likelihood you are going to lose.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of the gaming world’s most popular trends. More people are matched betting than ever in the history of online gambling. If you are not familiar with it then it is a style of betting that involves only ever using casinos to play, never one’s own money. When you matched bet you essentially go from casino to casino, collecting and using bonuses. Most matched bettors play two or more casinos at a time. As there is an almost endless stream of casinos for you to choose from finding ones offering bonuses should not be difficult.

It does need to be noted that if you are planning on pursuing matched betting then you need to find casinos with sizable bonus offers. Playing in casinos that do not have large bonus offers will just mean that you end up wasting time. Bear in mind some casinos only give you bonuses if you make deposits of your own and you cannot withdraw bonuses until you have spent more than the initial bonus. Some casinos only allow you to take profit once you have earned the original bonus amount back which can complicate things. Find casinos with good bonus offers to avoid annoyances and confusion.

Avoiding Detection

Sadly many casinos have started cracking down on matched bettors, labelling matched betting bonus abuse. Because people have been making millions of dollars from casino bonuses casinos have intervened and tried to stop them from being able to. No casino is going to idly sit by while players take advantage of them and steal their money even if it’s their own fault for offering bonuses and trying to abuse people with poor self-control in the first place. Avoiding detection should be one of your main priorities if you’re going to take up and try out matched betting.

Avoiding detection is a lot easier than you might think, however. Even though casinos have introduced thousands of different measures designed to identify matched bettors you can bypass them by withdrawing money as soon as you make it. Most casinos are only able to locate matched bettors if they keep money in their accounts and never withdraw it. Withdrawing money means that it’s lost and removed from the casino’s system. Then, with another account matched bettors can redeposit their earnings or even deposit them in another casino. Depositing them elsewhere or on another account makes it look like one’s own money has been used.

Bank Deposits

Every now and again it’s good to use money from your own savings or bank account when you are playing casino games. Using bonuses all of the time can lead to you being identified as a matched bettor and subsequently a bonus abuser. Even if you withdraw money from your account every time you earn it, eventually the casino you’re using will realise what you are doing because the amount you deposit will be the same amount or less than what you withdrew and earned from bonus gaming. Depositing more clearly shows you are using your own money.

Even if you don’t play with the money you deposit that is technically yours it’s still a good idea to deposit it. Depositing money of your own will prevent you from ever getting banned and if casinos ever do accuse you of matched betting you can counter by showing them your bank account and the fact that you have used your own money. This will allow you to get some of your money back as when casinos accuse people of matched betting they tend to lock their accounts and freeze all of the money that’s stored in them.

Playing Sensibly

Whatever you play with, play sensibly. Unfortunately, gambling can be a pretty effective way of losing money and driving yourself to bankruptcy’s door. By playing sensibly you will be able to prevent this from happening. Always know what the odds of the games you are playing are and never spend more than you can afford to lose. Most casinos will allow you to set your own limits which essentially just means you can decide how much you play with and spend and restrict it if needs be. You can also block yourself from all casinos by using GAMSTOP’s service.

Casino gaming can be a good way of having fun, earning money and learning new skills. At the same time, gambling can be a surefire way of bankrupting yourself. Using bonuses is one of the best ways to protect yourself from losing money and earn money with minimal effort.